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Underwater Shoot with Kristin Martz

(c) Kristin Martz

An underwater shoot has been a long time coming for me. My name is Kristin Martz an I attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Photography. Recently, for a pre-portfolio class, we were given the assignment to take a huge risk on a shoot and increase our degree of difficulty. 
Since I've been itching to do a shoot underwater, I knew I had to make this work somehow. Everything seemed to fall into place. 
I bought my Aquapac bag used from an alumni and he showed me exactly how to use it, which to my surprise, was quite easy. 
I was terrified before I got into the water because I couldn't help but worry about my little camera being submerged into 8 feet of chlorine. However, everything went perfectly. When I got home to take my camera out of the bag, it was perfectly dry. I know I sound like a salesperson but I was in awe that it actually worked out. 

(c) Kristin Martz
The model I used for this photoshoot was a swimmer throughout high school so she was absolutely perfect. This was my very first try at underwater photography and I look forward to producing so much more.

You can see more of Kristin's images on her Flickr page at

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