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World Class Waterproof Cases & Bags since 1983


Storage and carrying solutions for all seasons


Essential protection for gear & devices.

Enjoy the water without worrying about your gear

Aquapacs are for active people enjoying the outdoors and for professionals in challenging situations who all need to safeguard their valuables and keep their equipment fully operational.


2-Way VHF Radios

Aquapac has been designing and manufacturing professional-grade waterproofing solutions since 1983. Since then, we have become a globally trusted and relied upon provider of waterproof cases for radios, phones and more. We manufacture from our very own factory in England.

Why is this so important?

It means that the Aquapac experts can check, test and refine every single new product that becomes a part of our classic catalogue of waterproof cases. Professionals trust us because we have spent the last 40 years working with them all across the world, delivering the kind of waterproofing they need to keep critical equipment safe, dry, and functional.

The fact is that when people choose Aquapac for their waterproofing solutions, it's because they know that they are getting a product that meets the very highest standards in the industry and has been designed with professional use in mind and for making water sports, hiking and outdoor pursuits safer. Aquapac helps maintain uninterrupted communications for safety and rescue teams on land and sea .

Waterproof Travel, Multi-Purpose and Storage Cases

For 40 Years, Aquapac has been manufacturing professionally designed, high-quality waterproof bags, packs and covers to keep you and your gear safe and secure. We use state of the art manufacturing technology in all our products, which has helped to make us one of the most trusted providers of waterproof cases internationally.

There are six different sizes in the range available to help you buy the best waterproof case for your adventures. This range is ideal for travel, water sports, hiking as well as providing storage for valuables and essentials on your adventures as well as your work outdoors.

Waterproof Laptop & Tablets Cases

The new range of Tablet cases has impact foam backing for extra protection of your valuable device. You can use your Apple pencil through the case too. Your tablet is fully functional inside the case but completely waterproof and protected against knocks and drops.

We have 4 cases in 3 main sizes to fit all Tablets.

up to 60% off


Discontinued products at great prices. Available while stocks last.

Carradice bike bags and UPSO upcycled cases are now part of the Aquapac family of products. They are made in the same UK factory in Nelson, Lancashire as our Aquapac range. Click below to discover these hand made accessories.

UK handcrafted bike bags since 1932

UK made Upcycled Bags and Cases

All About Aquapac

All About Aquapac

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