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A Passion for Waterproof Bags and Cases since 1983

Aquapac have been designing and making waterproof cases since 1983 in England. The founder, Max Malavasi, still runs the business today with the support of his brother Michael and a dedicated team which is now based in Nelson, Lancashire. We have always been innovators and pioneers in our field.

Our 1994 patent modernised reusable waterproof cases and our concept is now updated on our newest products.

Manufacturing is important to us as we can continue to control the quality of our products and learn how to continuously improve. Over the past 40 years, we have won 3 Queen’s Awards: for Export, Innovation and Enterprise. Our patented sealing system was chosen as a Millennium Product by the UK Design Council.

We are trusted to protect something valuable; so the quality of our predominantly British made products is continuously checked, tried and improved. Ours was the original innovation in this market, and we have never stopped using our intelligence and intuition to respond to the needs of our customers.

The way we work is transparent and collaboration with others is vital. We are responsible for the world our customers love; we care about keeping our products sustainable and the planet safe.

In 2021, we set up a US company to distribute our products in America.
In 2022, we set up a French warehouse to distribute our products across the EU.

The future 

We purchased and teamed up with Carradice in November 2021, another leading British brand which has been manufacturing bicycle bags since 1932 and UPSO upcycled cases since 2016. We are pooling our skills and now manufacture all of our products under one roof in Lancashire, using solar power for our electricity and using more and more recycled, upcycled and sustainable materials for our products while reducing our packaging annually.

Our Mission

We want to empower people to immerse themselves worry free in their activities wherever they go.

Design and manufacture high quality products which protect valuable equipment and possessions to make the outdoors safer and more enjoyable. We look to offset and minimise more and more our environmental impact every year.

We love nature, the great outdoors and we have a role to maintain it. We aim to treat our customers the way we like to be treated ourselves. There is always more to be learnt from listening to what our customers want.

Since 1983 we have sold nearly 6 million waterproof cases in 60+ countries with our award winning innovation that stands up to the most intense conditions

We create functional, protective solutions

With practical carrying systems by using innovative design with sustainability built into the product life and into the manufacturing processes and materials.

We want to empower people to immerse themselves worry free in their activities wherever they go.

Our products are used by hikers, mountain climbers, holiday makers and water sports enthusiasts. Aquapacs are also used by Search & Rescue and Emergency Services, Coast Guards, Lifeguards, Forestry managers, Shipping companies and by many other outdoor workers all over the world.

Supplier Of Leading Companies

We have supplied some of the leading companies and organisations in the world with bespoke products: Nokia, Sony, Jaguar, Range Rover, the Winter Olympic Games, the Royal Navy, the US Coast Guard and many others.

Our mission is simple: design and manufacture high quality products. We don’t cut corners as people deserve top-notch gear to protect their equipment. Our submersible cases are all made in our own factory. We design and subcontract the manufacturing of our back packs, day sacks and other splashproof products to trusted suppliers in the Far East who have proven records in these fields.

Our Global Headquarters for all our brands, where all our manufacturing and assembly is based, is in Nelson, Lancashire.

Sustainable manufacturing


We look to offset our environmental impact every year in everything we do. The electricity we use at our factory is generated mainly through solar panels on our factory roof. The main material we use for the manufacture of our waterproof cases is a biodegradable TPU.

We love nature, the great outdoors and we all have a role to play to maintain it.

Our Locations

United Kingdom

Aquapac International Ltd, Westmoreland Works Nelson Lancs BB9 7BA.  
Tel: +44 (0)20 7738 4466


Aquapac USA LLC, 4600 140th Avenue N Suite 180, Clearwater, FL-33762
Tel: +1 631 522 1379


Aquapac Europe SAS, 10 rue du Baudreville, 45480 Erceville France
Tel: +33 (0)2 38 06 74 98