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Special Instructions for the ‘TC’ Clamp

To Open
1. Flip the two levers up, one at a time.
2. Twist the two levers out.

To Close
3. Place the wire carefully under the retaining arm. The wire must exit through the groove in the clamp.
4. Place the two halves of the clamp back together so that the wire is held gently in place. Do not squeeze them together hard.
5. Twist both the levers in, one at a time. Twist both levers before attempting
6. Flip the levers over to seal the clamp.

Other Instructions

The loop on the back of the case is where you insert the belt.

Our warranty covers the Aquapac, not anything you put in it. You should insure contents separately.

It’ll only be waterproof if you close and open it carefully, and if it’s not damaged during use. So handle it carefully, avoiding sharp or abrasive objects.

Before each use confirm its waterproofness with something worthless inside.

Check all parts are properly attached, and there’s no sand in the Aquaclip® seal.

Turn the levers all the way (they should turn smoothly). Submerge in water. A few bubbles may escape from the Aquaclip, that’s ok. Now squeeze the case. Should a stream of bubbles escape there may be a leak, do not use!

Never open in the water. To stop water getting in when opening, first shake water off and dry with a towel. Then open the case with the Aquaclip facing down. After use clean everything thoroughly with fresh water.

Warning: Choking Hazard This isn’t a toy. Small parts, keep away from children under 3 yrs.

Important Notes

Cases with this clamp are for surface use only but will offer protection from temporary submersion. They are not recommended for prolonged submersion.

When not using the case leave the TC clamp open. If not, the wire could eventually cause a permanent distortion of the foam, risking leakage.

As long as you follow these instructions the clamp will be watertight with or without a wire.

The maximum thickness of wire around which the TC clamp will seal is 1/10th inch (2.5mm).