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Galaxy note 4 in Trident case

Hi. As well as camera case i'm also looking for waterproof one for my Galaxy note 4. I think your ""waterproof phone case iPhone 6 PLUS"" would be the right one because it says you can keep your hard case on inside. My total dimension with Trident case on the phone is 163 x 86 x 13mm give or take a millimeter.

Would this fit to the edge as a tight squeeze of is there still room inside around it so as not to put strain on the edges. Is the case designed to have extra room around the largest phone anyway? I have thin wrist strap on the bottom to tuck inside as well. -------

Hi, that will be a snug fit but it should be within the tolerance of the case. However, the Trident case looks to be rubberised. If that is true then you may have some difficulty sliding your phone in and out of the Aquapac, so patience and care will be necessary. Try the PLUS PLUS instead.

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