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Canon powershot SD1100 waterproof case

Hi. I'm looking for underwater case with zoom for a compact camera. I have Canon powershot SD1100 IS / Ixus 80. I wondered if the Aquapac 428 Mini Camera Case With Hard Lens actually obscures the optical viewfinder window which is only a few millimeters above my extendable lens? The acrylic zoom cover looks quite thick. I was wondering if this might also be the case with your competitor Overboard's version as well as their black zoom cover is also thick. Do you know if I would therefore have to take pictures by looking at the back screen? I prefer my optical viewfinder outdoors of course, but if all the brands obscure it then I'll just make my choice based on popularity. I've read the lens needs to be lined up well anyway to avoid artefact from the acrylic zoom." --------------- We've had a look at the SD1100 IS and it does look to be the case that the optical viewfinder, which is straight through, will be obscured by the welded neck on our 428 case I'm afraid. That said, if the digital viewfinder/rear screen uses the main lens to get its picture then there should not be any problem with using that - we build a clear window in to the rear of the case. If you think that may be a problem, then the solution could be this case: which has a totally clear front portion that you may be able to see through.
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