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Expedition 5

Louis Nethercott and Ant Lambert are two ex-Royal Marine Commandos who call themselves the Mad Explorers. Completely unaided they are crossing the five largest islands on the earth, only using human power.

Moving from jungles to arctic wastes, they have already crossed Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, and Greenland. Next challenge, Baffin Island.

Due to the unique and varied nature of this challenge their bodies will be pushed beyond endurance, not only will the Expedition 5 team need to be in the highest physical condition possible, they will need every ounce of their determination and will power in order to complete this remarkable undertaking.

Their plan; to make their way into the world of exploration with a bang. Aware of the multitudes of Antarctic and polar crossings happening every year, whilst Everest is conquered almost hourly they wanted to do something unique, something that would push the limits of human endurance to the limits of anything ever achieved.

The concept; simple, to become the first humans in history to have traversed the 5 largest islands on the planet (Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Greenland and Baffin Island), unsupported, using only human power.

Charities: Help for Heroes and The Royal Marines Charity
Web: Expedition 5

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