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What is high frequency welding?

High frequency welding - which is also known as radio frequency welding - is a technique for passing extremely intense vibrations through a brass bar and onto two or more pieces of material with such an effect that the material melts underneath the bar. Once the vibrations stop, the material re-forms as a solid having melted together with the other layer of material. This means in effect that you are taking the molecules of two separate pieces of material and joining them together at a chemical level. A high-frequency weld will only occur where there is direct contact with the brass bar and so it is possible to get very thin welds and very precise detailing using this technique. The Aquapac submersible case range is manufactured using this technique which gives us the precision to be able to ensure that the clamping system will work on every case. High frequency welding is a much more precise operation than heat welding because you are able to control the intensity of the vibrations and the time which they are applied to the material in order to create a scientifically precise bond between the two materials

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