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10 inspiring female adventurers to follow on Instagram

10 inspiring female adventurers to follow on Instagram

There are lots of awesome female adventurers out there pushing boundaries and achieving incredible things locally and globally. Here at Aquapac we love to follow the adventures of these great women that inspire so many others to get out there, enjoy the great outdoors whilst achieving their goals and aspirations. Ready to get inspired? Here’s some of our top 10 female adventurers to follow on Instagram.

1. Rhiane Fatinikum, hiker

Rhiane Fatinikum launched ‘Black Girls Hike’ in Bolton in 2019 - this non-profit organisation creates a safe space for black women to explore the outdoors and connect with nature. It is now a nationwide organisation hosting hikes, training events and activity weekends. Rhiane has also won a much-deserved positive role model award for gender at the National Diversity Awards in 2021. Follow on Instagram @rhianesworld 

2. Allie Bailey, ultrarunner

Allie Bailey is an awesome ultrarunner who has crossed Namibia three times, has run from coast to coast in Panama, Malta, Scotland and Santorini and has also run the entire length of the outer Hebrides chain. After a breakdown in 2021 she is committed to the mission of trying to help people, especially women, understand that ultrarunning is for everyone and can be a gateway to a more fulfilling life - it’s not about being the best, it’s about being your best. Follow on Instagram @ab_runs

3. Sally Mcgee, surf instructor

Sally is highly respected in the surfing world. Based in Tynemouth, she runs Yonder, a surf school, which is a coaching company and a surf brand that helps to empower a community of surfing women in the North-East of England. Her aim is to focus on changing the narrative of female surfing in the UK. Follow on Instagram @sallymcgeesurf

4. Ali Phillips, wild swimmer

Ali is a hardy Keswick-based wild swimmer who loves exploring The Lake District, and has recently become a wild swimming guide.  She writes a blog all about her outdoorsy lifestyle in The Lakes which is packed full of useful information for aspiring wild swimmers. Follow on Instagram @alwaysswimmingwild

5. Rebecca Lowe, adventure cyclist

In July 2105, Rebecca set off on an incredible 6,835 mile year-long solo cycle ride from London to Tehran, through Europe, Turkey, Lebanon and Iran. This revelatory journey is documented in her new book, where she explains, “an area outside your comfort zone is never as frightening or risky as it appears”. Follow on Instagram @reo_lowe

6. Omie Dale, swimming instructor

Omie was named England’s Swimming Teacher of the Year 2021 - she is a host for Mental Health Swims in London, a free monthly swim meet focused on cold-water immersion, and director of Swimunity, a community interest group that teaches children and women swimming for free in London. Her idea is to get them out of London and into nature to increase diversity in the water, encouraging people that may not otherwise have taken up swimming to give it a go. Follow on Instagram @omiedale

7. Rosie Swale Pope, runner and adventurer

After losing her husband in 2002, Rosie has numerous journeys under her belt, from sailing solo across the Atlantic to running 20,000 miles across the globe, unsupported and carrying her belongings in a cart towed behind her - wow! Her current mission, to run from the UK to Kathmandu to raise money for Phase Worldwide’s community charity work in Nepal, has been hindered by recent events - but she’s hoping not to be home for too long! Follow on Instagram @rosieswalepope

8. Sophie Nicholson, skier and runner

Sophie is a skier, runner and sports therapist who is passionate about solo adventures in the backcountry of Scotland’s Cairngorms, where she lives. She’s known for running along remote ridges and highland hikes, and carrying her skis on her bike to reach untouched Scottish powder, alongside enduring some pretty painful injuries. Follow on Instagram snicholson76

9. Tracy Edwards MBE, sailor

As a 27-year old, Tracey Edwards skippered the first all-female crew to sail in the 1989 around the world Whitbread race, brought to everyone’s attention by the incredibly moving film Maiden, on Netflix. It shows Tracy’s determination and skill in the face of sexism in the male-dominated yacht-racing world and the power of the crew’s female friendships. Follow on Instagram @traceyedwardsmbe

10. Sasha DiGiulian, rock climber

Touted as one of the best free climbers in the world today, Sasha DiGiulian has made more than 30 first female ascents. She started climbing at age 7 and by 18 became the third woman to ascend Kentucky's Red River Gorge. Follow on Instagram @sashadigiulian            
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