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Sweepstake Winner

Collin Bascom of Madison, Connecticut with his girlfriend. All smiles after hearing that he'd drawn first prize in our sweepstake competition. His prize, kindly donated by Pangaea Explorations, is a week's sailing trip on their 72ft yacht Sea Dragon. He'll be joining the crew in November for their 'Ocean Cleanup North Atlantic Gyre Expedition', which starts in Bermuda and ends in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

“I woke up for work Monday morning, and checked Facebook. I noticed the Aquapac page was telling me to check my email. When I did, I couldn't believe what I saw. I haven't been out of New England in about 5 years, and had no aspirations to do so anytime soon. I can't put into words how excited I am for this trip. While at work, I build an environmentally friendly water filter for cooling towers. Our filters are a component used in LEED certification of buildings. I also run the internet sales of a local fish and coral store. In my off-time, I keep around 300 gallons worth of tanks. I keep coral reefs, turtles, snakes, and other reptiles. I really hope that this trip will give me the opportunity to see some amazing fish and corals.

Aquapac has thrown in a 70-litre Upano Waterproof Duffel for good measure, so he'll have somewhere safe to stash all his gear on the trip!

Aquapac donated three runner-up prizes:
- Gary Cleghorn of Stuart, FL won a 70L Upano Duffel worth $135 / £100
- Arto Arvola of Turku, Finland won a 15L Wet & Dry Backpack worth $90 / £65
- Hannah Horton of Auckland, New Zealand won a full set of 4 PackDivider Drysacks worth $66 / £44.
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