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Daniel Wynn SUP Sicily

Daniel is attempting to be the first paddler to SUP over 1,400 km (870 miles) around the island of Sicily.

" I STARTED TO WORRY when I stopped sweating. I felt dizzy and faint; my body felt weak and my skin felt hot. I collapsed onto my knees, balanced on the board, and vomited into the ocean. In the blistering heat with no shelter, I discovered paradise is a harsh place.

I was floating off the island archipelago of Langkawi in Malaysia, approximately 8km offshore. There was no one else around. I had just paddled 33km of open water and was 9km from the end of my trip.

I recognized the symptoms of heat stroke. I went into the water to cool my body, took tiny sips of water to rehydrate, and ate small morsels of tinned sardines. In the space of two hours, I was able to move and somehow found the energy to paddle that final 9km. I made landfall two hours after sunset: tired, exhausted, dehydrated, and in pain."

Dan is a 28 year old environmentalist and adventurer who has a lifelong passion for nature and the environment.​

Many of his adventures follow a similar theme. In the modern era where digital technology has taken over nearly all aspects of our lives, he uses travel as an opportunity to disconnect and get back to basics.  

Following on from his Conservation degree, he has worked in the nature conservation field for the last 6 years. Like many of us, he is motivated by a strong desire to challenge himself. In particular he has a passion for wild, remote locations and exploring those areas in a different way.

Web: Daniel Wynn

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