‘PackDivider’ Ultra-Lightweight Drysack – 4 Litres


A range of ultra-lightweight waterproof drybags, in 4 sizes.

For use inside other bags to separate items; to add waterproofing; and to prevent toiletry leaks from spreading.

As seen in Wild UK and GearWeAre recommended

  • 2 litres – click here
  • 4 litres – this page
  • 8 litres – click here
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Aquapac PackDivider Drysacks - 4 sizes 001
each size has a different coloured base

This is our range of ultra-lightweight waterproof drybags.

They’re ditty bags designed for use inside other bags to separate items, add waterproofing, and prevent toiletry leaks from spreading.

Brilliant for backpacking, vacation, camping, paddling, sailing and expedition use.

  • The translucency of the white nylon means you can make out what’s inside
  • Bright colours are easy to find in luggage
  • You get a grab handle at each end which makes it easy to pull out
  • They have fully-taped seams (not welded).

IPX6 waterproofing levelHow waterproof are they?
They’re Stormproof  (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

The 4 Sizes


Tech Specs

  • Materials: 75D nylon, PU-coated inside, silicone-coated outside (PVC-Free / 0% Vinyl)
  • Country of Origin: Designed in the UK. Made in China.

Instructions for use and care
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  1. SeeOutside.co.uk

    Perfect for packing smaller items into so they don’t get wet
    Full review: http://seeoutside.co.uk/travel/round-the-world-travel-what-to-pack/

  2. Gareth Mate, Netherlands https://garethmate.com/blog/aquapac

    The range of ultra-lightweight waterproof drybags are useful and really functional for any type of use. On the bike they are perfect, as I could stuff all manner of items into them and they would continue to remain dry. I really like using them and have also used them before when backpacking, travelling, camping, paddling, sailing and expedition use. For example when commuting every day I need to take my clothes to work. They were ideal for allowing me to roll up my clothes up and then keep them fully dry.

  3. Dave Cornthwaite, UK https://davecornthwaite.com/

    Whether I’m paddling down a river or on the ocean, or walking or riding across a dusty desert, Aquapac PackDividers are first in the bag. They keep my clothes protected from total immersion (in water or a sand storm) as well as packed down and compact. If you’re travelling light and under your own steam, these are key to saving space and protecting your gear. I’ve used PackDividers on expeditions in the USA, Martinique, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and Scandinavia. It doesn’t matter what the climate, condition or duress they’re put under, they last for years and have kept my gear dry and working without fail.

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