Waterproof Map Case (the ‘Kaituna’)


Whether you’re walking in the hills or sea kayaking, our totally waterproof map case will keep your maps safe, dry and always at hand.


Aquapac Kaituna Map Case 808 - detail
detail of the roll-seal closure

Key features

  • Ultra-clear TPU construction
  • Tough, reinforced multi-attachment strips
  • Roll-seal and Velcro® closure; tried and tested waterproofing
  • The roll-down seal will keep out any rain or mud, or spray on a kayak.
  • The attachment strips mean you can use a neckcord, bungee, carabiner or webbing strap and attach this case to just about anything.
  • The Kaituna is a whitewater river in the North Island of New Zealand.

What size do I need?

  • This map case fits Ordnance Survey, Trails Illustrated and most other popular map sizes
  • It’s clear both front and back.

Aquapac Kaituna Map Case 808 - dimensions


Aquapac Kaituna Map Case 808 - rear view







Use of pens

  • Please note that TPU map cases are not suitable for use with solvent-based pens for navigation. Grease Pens should be used instead.

How waterproof is it?
It’s Stormproof (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

PVC-FreeTech specs

  • Colour: Clear with black border
  • Materials: 300mu UV-resistant TPU
  • Weight: case: 2.3oz / 66g  lanyard: 0.3oz / 8g
  • Country of origin: designed in the UK, made in China.

Instructions for use and care
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Note: Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

(code 808)


  1. Roger, UK

    I use one for sea kayaking. I’m delighted with it.

  2. Graham Uney, Wild UK blog

    I was actually very impressed with this map case. I’ve used another leading brand of map case for a number of years, and have always thought that nothing could beat it. A good quality map case is durable (many become brittle in the cold, then split), has a non-slip surface for ease of taking compass bearings, and is easy to fold in half with the map inside for stuffing in a jacket pocket. The Kaituna has all of those features. It’s made from a lovely soft, rubbery plastic, so is very usable in all weather conditions, and when used with a compass it has sufficient ‘grip’ that the compass baseplate doesn’t slide along the surface. One very minor addition I would like to see Aquapac make would be a little tab to make opening the case easier – the two sides of the opening tend to stick together a little too well, it’s a bit like trying to pull apart a plastic shopping carrier bag. The seal is a roll-over Velcro flap, which is a well tried and tested method. This is all and all a good solution to keeping your map dry and usable throughout your hill walks.

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