Waterproof iPad Case

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Now at last you can surf safely in the surf!

Use your iPad safely in the bath, on the boat, or at the pool.

This case fits all ‘classic’ iPads such as the iPad Air 2, as well as the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

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Aquapac waterproof iPad case 638 rear view
rear view

What’s so special about this case?

  • It means you can use your iPad safely outdoors even when it’s wet – at the seaside, in the pool, or out in the pouring rain
  • and your touchscreen will work normally.
  • Plug your headphones into the 3.5mm gold-plated socket and watch loud movies without annoying people around you.
  • Get HD video through the LENZFLEX optically-clear windows – both front and back.

Is this the right size for my iPad?

  • This case fits all ‘classic’ iPads such as the iPad Air 2, as well as the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro.
  • For the 12.9-inch iPad Pro you need the 670 iPad Pro Case.
  • For the iPad mini you will need the 658 Kindle case.

This is the maximum size of device that will fit:

dimensions diagram

Tip: to get the circumference, add the width to the depth and then multiply this by 2

How waterproof is it?

IPX8 waterproofness iconSubmersible – protected against continuous immersion to a depth of 30ft/10m

Cool grey with grey shoulder strap

300mu UV-resistant TPU
Optically-clear LENZFLEX lens window
Gold-plated headphone socket

Case: 5.0oz / 143g  Shoulder strap: 2.0oz / 56g

PVC-FreeCountry of Origin
Made in the UK.

What else do I need to know?

  • Your iPad should float in this case – but make sure you test yours in a basin before you launch it into the sea!
  • Capacitive touchscreens don’t work underwater, the water breaks the circuit. But you can use the volume buttons to operate your camera underwater.
  • Fingerprint recognition such as Apple’s Touch ID won’t work through the Aquapac – you will have to enter your passcode.

(code 638)

Instructions for use and care




    My iPad is tucked safely into an Aquapac Waterproof Case for iPad and works brilliantly – I can swipe and tap away almost as normal.

  2. Jonathan Brown, SUPAS Wolf River, USA

    Your bags and gear were fully essential to have on this trip. Everything withstood the beatings and bruises this trip gave us. I am a proud owner of a solid product and would not hesitate to recommend Aquapac to anyone! I am stoked to have such a great line-up of gear in my possession. Your new iPad case worked great and helped us big time, as we needed to utilize the iPad throughout the trip and within the harshest environments that required this case.

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