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Waterproof phone cases that attach to handlebars on bikes, and to helm bars on yachts.

2 sizes to fit most phones.

(codes 110, 350)

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Aquapac waterproof phone case mounted on yacht helm bar 350
can also be mounted on the helm bar of your yacht!

Key Features

  • They should fit the handlebars of all bicycles, some motorbikes, and also to the helm bars on yachts.
  • You’ll be able to talk and hear through them without a problem
  • You can get great video with your front-facing camera. The bike mount attachment means that there is no room to fit a lens window on the back of this case, so you cannot use a rear-facing/iSight camera. Sorry!
  • Your touchscreen will work normally
  • They’re not just 100% waterproof – they’ll protect your phone from dust, dirt and sand too
  • You won’t necessarily have to buy a new one when you upgrade your phone, because it’s a generic rather than a form-fit case (unlike a hard case, it’s not tailored to a specific device).

Is this the right size for my phone?

  • The Mini size fits phones up to and including the iPhone 6. The Small size is perfect for Samsung Galaxy S phones.
  • Check out the Size Guide at the top of the page. It lists most phones and tells you which Aquapacs fit them best.
  • If it’s not in the list, or you’re still not sure which Aquapac is best for you, don’t be shy – just ask us!

This is the maximum size of device that will fit the Mini case:

dimensions diagram

..and the Small size:
dimensions diagram
Tip: to get the circumference, add the width to the depth and then multiply this by 2

How waterproof are they?
IPX8 waterproofness icon
Submersible – protected against continuous immersion to a depth of 30ft/10m


Cool grey

300mu UV-resistant TPU

Mini case: 1.5oz / 44g
Small case: 1.9oz / 53g
Mount: 1.3oz / 36g

Country of Origin
Made in the UK.

What else do I need to know?

  • Some smartphones can be very sticky. If your phone is shiny and sticky, pinch the corner of the case and jiggle it to get your phone in and out.
  • Some phones will float in these cases and some won’t – make sure you test yours in a basin before you launch it into the sea!
  • Capacitive touchscreens don’t work underwater, the water breaks the circuit. But you can use the volume buttons to operate your camera underwater.
  • Fingerprint recognition such as Apple’s Touch ID won’t work through the Aquapac – you will have to enter your passcode.
  • Some phones have rather sharp edges. We recommend use of a thin bumper case which will protect both phone and case.

(codes 110, 350)

Instructions for use and care



  1. What Mountain Bike? magazine

    A sturdy yet flexible build, with a well-sealed top means we’ve had no water ingress issues with our Aquapac. 4 stars out of 5.

  2. Journeys magazine

    If rotten weather strikes while you’re cycling, and you are self-guiding with a smartphone of GPS device, you need one of these.

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