70L Lightweight Waterproof Duffel Bag (the ‘Upano’ range)

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Upano is a premium range of lightweight waterproof duffels. Brilliant for rafting, travel, base camp, sailing and expedition use.

As featured in Outside magazine Summer Buyer’s Guide and Backpacker Best New Gear.

as seen in Outside and Geographical

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Aquapac lightweight waterproof duffel Upano 701 703 705 3 ways to carry
3 ways to carry

These are our lightweight but completely waterproof Upano™ duffel bags.

Brilliant for adventure travel, camping, backcountry vacation, sailing and expedition use.

As featured in Outside Summer Buyer’s Guide, and also in Backpacker Best New Gear.

Key Features

Aquapac lightweight waterproof duffel Upano 701 703 705 purge air release valve
the air-release / purge valve
  • Super-lightweight but tough, welded construction
  • Removable shoulder straps for easy portage
  • Air-release valve for easy packing – squeeze the air out as you roll it closed
  • Internal ID pocket for airport travel
  • Compression straps to minimise volume
  • Multiple attachment points for straps or lashing
  • Brightly coloured ends for higher visibility
  • PVC-Free / 0% Vinyl.
  • The Upano is a river in Ecuador.

Warning: The air-release valve comes off if fully unscrewed. Only unscrew it enough to allow the air out. And make sure you then screw it up tightly or water will seep in! We recommend that you keep it screwed closed at all times except when you are actually purging the air.

The 3 Sizes

cu inlitresHWDHWDozgm
Aquapac lightweight waterproof duffel Upano 701 703 705 shoulder strap detail
shoulder strap – detail

*these weights include the 2 detachable shoulder straps

IPX6 waterproofing levelHow waterproof are they?
They’re Stormproof (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

Roll up roll up!
Please note: You need to roll the bag very tightly to line up the two halves of Velcro. This is essential if you want your bag to be waterproof. One or two customers have suggested that we might use a wider strip of Velcro to make it easier to close. But if we did that, then your bag wouldn’t be waterproof.

PVC-FreeTech specs

  • Colour: Grey, black and orange
  • Materials: 420D PU-coated nylon
  • Country of Origin: Designed in the UK. Made in China.

Instructions for use and care
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PS: You spell it Duffle, we spell it Duffel, let’s call the whole thing off!


  1. Jono Dunnett,

    It’s great! Totally dry, easy to pack, light weight, ideal proportions… Opening the bag to find the contents bone dry really makes me happy! I love this bag… Excellent bit of kit.


    The name Aquapac is synonymous with high quality and well featured waterproof device cases, bags and stuffsacks. I am certain most outdoor users will have heard of them. The Upano follows this pattern of being well designed, well constructed and highly featured… These duffels are great. Stylish in appearance, cleverly designed, carefully constructed and with the backing of the Aquapac reputation – The Upano makes a great load hauler if you participate in wet adventures.
    click here to read the in-depth review


    The build quality and materials used by Aquapac on this bag are all top-notch, and we love the fact that the Upano duffel can be used for way more than just stand up paddleboarding. This is literally a bag that you can take with you anywhere, which means it will be a lot more useful than one that is strictly designed for SUP. As far as performance goes, the Upano exceeded our expectations in all areas and even kept the contents of the bag dry during a full submersion test. At the end of the day, if you’re searching for a lightweight, extremely well-built waterproof bag that you can confidently strap to your SUP, the Aquapac Upano range of waterproof duffels is a wonderful choice.


    A recent extended trip to Vancouver Island, British Columbia gave Aquapac a chance to succeed or fail on its own merits. The 40L waterproof duffel bag proved ideal for camera gear, spare jackets, caps and hydration while exploring both the Pacific coastline as well as the Campbell River region, while the 70L size gets props as full-on luggage capable of overnight paddling trips. Testers valued the strap system, easy-locking roll top and reinforced attachment points as the duffel got a good dose of fast-moving adventure under its shoulder straps.

  5. Spike Reid, Shannon SUP and Ganges SUP

    The fantastic Aquapac equipment kept the water out when it attacked from all angles. Climbing into a dry tent to snuggle into a warm down bag after a long day on the water was much appreciated, and it would not have been possible without your gear. The range of kit fared very well against the mud, the rain, and even the terrain…
    I particularly loved the Upanos – they rock. I am now headed to Oman, leading a tour through the Wahiba Sands and the Empty Quarter with Wild Frontiers. Not many rivers out there, but the Aquapac gear will still keep the sand out of everything.

  6. Will Millard, The Trans Papua Expedition

    Genuinely, the Aquapac duffle is the best packrafting bag I have ever had and, when the packraft flipped halfway down the descent, it almost certainly saved the project!

  7. Climber magazine

    This excellent bag has proved itself to be easy to pack and carry. It’s a tough workhorse of a bag and came through the hands of airline baggage handlers without a mark. It’s also very distinctive and easy to spot on a baggage carousel. Highly recommended.

  8. Scott Mestrezat, 2300 miles Missouri River SUP

    Those Upano Duffles made my daily task of loading and unloading all my gear so much easier. The ability to carry them like a backpack at the end of a long day were a godsend. The way the duffles sit open, with easy access to anything in the bag, makes setting up camp a quicker and more organized process. Keeping things dry when strapped to the deck of a paddleboard is a tall order, but Aquapac came through with their extensive line of products that kept everything from my tent to my computer protected from the constant barrage of water. Despite flipping my board miles from civilization, I didn’t have to worry about water getting in my Upanos and ruining my day. They survived 100 days of pounding water and beating sun and will be taken on whatever trip I embark on next.

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