Waterproof VHF Radio Cases

We are the original name responsible for providing professionals with the highest standard of waterproofing, offering a fine combination of protection and functionality.

Why professionals use Aquapac's waterproof radio cases

Aquapac has been designing and manufacturing professional-grade waterproofing solutions since 1983. We are the original name responsible for providing professionals with the highest standard of waterproofing, offering a fine combination of protection and functionality. Since then, we have become a globally trusted and relied upon provider of waterproof cases for radios, phones and more.  We manufacture from our very own factory here in London. Why is this so important? It means that the Aquapac experts can check, test and refine every single new product that becomes a part of our classic catalogue of waterproof cases. Professionals trust us because we have spent the last 35+ years working with them all across the world, delivering the kind of waterproofing they need to keep critical equipment safe, dry, and functional. The fact is that when people choose Aquapac for their waterproofing solutions, it's because they know that they are getting a product that meets the very highest standards in the industry - and has been designed with professional use in mind.  Since Aquapac began in 1983, watersports have only become more and more accessible and popular. With this, the need for marine rescue and reliable naval communications is only more important. We are the most innovative minds in the industry, and we have kept pace with the growing need for a variety of radio waterproofing requirements to ensure that everyone who chooses an Aquapac case has the peace of mind of knowing that their radio is safe.  This is why we have the very best range of high quality waterproof radio cases on the market. We cater for all sizes and models, from smaller walkie-talkies for short distance communications, to large cases for much bigger long range communications handsets with long antennas.

Built for professionals but perfect for adventure

The Aquapac team have been designing and supplying waterproof solutions for professionals since 1983. We set ourselves the highest possible standards for everything that we do. But just because our professional-grade waterproof radio cases are used by people in the emergency services and military worldwide, don't think that they aren't perfect for your own personal adventures too.  240 kayak front If you are someone who enjoys hiking deep into the mountains or sailing far out to sea, then you probably don't need to be told about the potential dangers and hazards of doing so. There's no question that certain risks come with a more adventurous lifestyle - they are called 'extreme sports', after all.  Having the right equipment in order to keep you and everyone around you safe and secure is of paramount importance. Here at Aquapac, we believe that if the professionals rely on the very best and most innovative products to perform safely on the job, then why should you settle for any less

Waterproof radio cases to keep you safe when you're out on the water

If you're anything like us, then you love the feeling of freedom when out on the water. From the wind whipping your hair to the salt spray in your face, it's no wonder that the thrill of extreme watersports has only become more and more popular over the last few years.  One thing we have noticed here at Aquapac is that people are venturing further out to sea when paddling. Sea kayaking, canoeing and paddling is a unique experience that offers a kind of adventure that you simply don't get anywhere else. But if you are heading out to sea, it's all the more important that you go fully equipped in the unfortunate case that something does go wrong.  This is where we are excited to introduce you to the professional range of Aquapac waterproof radio cases - a fine selection of cases to keep all models and sizes of radios safe, dry, functional and protected when out at sea. We design the most trusted waterproof VHF cases - and have done since 1983.  For a cost effective but incredibly secure case for your VHF radio, look no further than the wide variety of professional-grade cases on offer here at Aquapac. If you are someone who takes a radio out to sea when you're enjoying the wind and the waves, then you know what an essential safety consideration this is. A functioning radio could save your life when out on the water. That's why it's so important to have a case that will keep your radio dry and safe.  240 lifestyle2 waterproof radio case aquapac

Why can't I just use a mobile phone?

It's a good question - these days, everyone has a smart phone. So why wouldn't you just buy a waterproof phone case and take your phone out to sea? Well, depending on what exactly you are doing out on the water, it may be that you need the use of a marine VHF radio in order to communicate with other radio users out at sea. Precautions mean that if you get in trouble, you can contact the emergency channel frequency to radio for assistance.  You can also use radios to listen to weather forecasts and navigational warnings across the UK coast, making a radio an excellent piece of kit for anyone planning on spending longer periods out on the sea.  Most sea kayakers and sailers venture far out to sea, where mobile phone coverage is limited and unreliable. Mobile phone networks are designed to cover urban areas, which means that off the rugged coastlines of Pembrokeshire, Cornwall and Scotland, it's often best not to rely on your mobile phone when far out to sea. 

Our excellent range of waterproof VHF radio cases

If you are looking for a wide selection of cases to keep your two way handheld radios protected from the elements, then you have come to the right place. Our broad range covers every size and model, from smaller walkie talkie to marine band and VHF radios. Built with professional use in mind, these radios are perfect for both professional work and recreation such as windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, canoeing and more. 
  • DockSystem: Extreme Pro VHF Case
971 vhf Want a case that will not only waterproof your radio during continuous immersion in case you go overboard, but that can also be securely docked on a belt, shoulder harness or chest harness for seamless communication while you remain active? The DockSystem: Extreme Pro VHF Case is an excellent choice. Featuring our signature Aquapac DockSystem, this case ensures that your radio remains close at hand.  Once docked, the radio can be rotated to seven different fixed positions, making it adaptive and flexible. Fully compatible with many of our harnesses and straps, this case is designed to be used for VHF, UHF, larger Tetra, Airwave and PMR radios.   
  • Mini Waterproof VHF Radio Case
Are you packing a much smaller and more lightweight model radio when you hit the waves? The Mini Waterproof VHF Radio Case fits most of the VHF and UHF mini radios, including those from the Baofeng and Wuoxon brands. Featuring the signature AQUACLIP seal and high-frequency welded seams for ultimate protection, and clear windows on both sides, you can keep using this radio without interruption, regardless of water, dust, sand or mud. 
  • Small Waterproof VHF Radio Case
229black lifestyle2 waterproof radio case aquapac While the Mini case is the perfect fit for walkie-talkies and the smallest handsets, this case fits most modern handheld VHF radios. In fact, the Small Waterproof VHF Radio Case is our bestselling classic VHF case. Trusted by marine rescue, emergency services and the military across the world, this case features high frequency welded seams and the classic AQUACLIP seal for the kind of waterproof protection you only get from Aquapac waterproof radio cases.  Protecting all the most popular and most common VHF radio sizes on the market, this case protects your electronic devices from the elements without interrupting your radio signal or sound quality - offering seamless functionality. Keep your radio in excellent condition, even if you're taking it across the Atlantic.   
  • Large Waterproof VHF Radio Case
If you are going out equipped with a more heavy duty radio for long distance communications, then you need a case to suit. We'd like to introduce the Large Waterproof VHF Radio Case, offering the highest level of waterproof protection for larger radios and long antennas. This is a product used by professionals across the world. Where uninterrupted and seamless long range communications are an absolute necessity, this case can be found offering the highest level of waterproof protection.
  • Rugged PRO Waterproof VHF Radio Case
If you want to get out to sea as quickly as possible, this case is a fantastic and versatile waterproofing solution that will keep most modern models of VHF radio secure and protected from the elements. The Rugged PRO Waterproof VHF Radio Case features a ziplock seal instead of the standard AQUACLIP, with single and double-seal versions both available. This is an IPX7 rated case, coming with either a heavy duty single or double ziplock seal. This case has lash points so it can be attached to a harness or strap, and is even supplied with an adjustable shoulder strap. The intuitive antenna design also accommodates both left and right handed antennas, while also creating an emergency grab handle. 
  • PRO Harness Waterproof VHF Radio Case
Aquapac Radio Harness Want a case that's used by the professionals? The PRO Harness Waterproof VHF Radio Case is something that you will see used by mountain rescue teams and lifeguards across the world. Why is it so popular for professional use? The harness gives full freedom to carry on working no matter the weather conditions, with the peace of mind of knowing that your radio is close at hand and fully protected. With 4 lash points for the 3-way harness (supplied with the case), you can wear this radio comfortably in any situation. This is an IPX8 with the signature Aquaclip seal for the strongest protection.   
  • 'Stormproof' Waterproof VHF Radio Case
Planning on hitting the trail? Mobile phone coverage can be terrible out in the country or in the mountains, so taking a radio is a crucial part of your preparation. But you might not need the full waterproofing capabilities of some of our other cases - which is where the 'Stormproof' Waterproof VHF Case comes in. This rain, mud and snow-proof case comes with it's own shoulder strap for easy carrying and a roll-down  seal that ensures you keep enjoying full functionality throughout your travels. 
  • Radio Chest Harness
Getting your hands on a professional quality case to keep your radio waterproof is one thing, but if you're going to be out adventuring on the water, the chances are that you will have your hands full. While many of our waterproof cases float is dropped into the sea and are IPX8 rated - meaning they can be fully submersed while remaining dry and secure - you still don't want to lose your radio because you're busy doing other things with your hands.  That's where our excellent radio chest harness becomes a fantastic accompaniment to your Aquapac waterproof radio case. Used and trusted by professionals across the world, this harness ensures that your radio can be securely docked against your chest while you are working or exploring out on the sea. This harness keeps your radio safely out of the way to allow you to keep active, while ensuring that your communications are close at hand if needed. 
  • Extra Long VHF Case for Long-Range Radio
It might be the case that you need a more specific case for a certain type of radio. For professionals, we know that this is often the case. Fortunately, the Extra Long VHF Case for Long-Range Radio is a special-order case designed specifically for professional use. This is a very large case that isn't a good fit for most modern VHF radios - but if you have a large handheld VHF for long range communications, including legacy units like Motorola or Bendix, then this is the case for you. Commonly used by fire and rescue, marine rescue, expeditions and the forestry service, this waterproof case keeps heavy duty and professional radios safe from the elements. 

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