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100% Waterproof – Extensive Range to fit all sizes of Phones – Safe – Talk, Listen, Take Photos, Videos in the case easily

Our range covers phone models from all the major brands, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google, Amazon, Motorola, and more. Designed to avoid unwanted water damage while allowing you to enjoy your adventure, our wide catalogue of waterproof phone cases is meant to give you full peace of mind - so that you have one less thing to worry about when out on a long hike, going on an extended camping trip, enjoying some water sports or anything else.

Want to make calls and take photos while keeping your mobile phone completely safe from the elements? Welcome to Aquapac and our huge collection of waterproof phone cases for every size and model. Our cases are designed with functionality in mind, meaning that you can keep using your phone while it's protected and dry in one of our cases - even if you want to go overboard and take underwater photos and videos with your phone. Our range covers phone models from all the major brands, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google, Amazon, Motorola, and more. Designed to avoid unwanted water damage while allowing you to enjoy your adventure, our wide catalogue of waterproof phone cases is meant to give you full peace of mind - so that you have one less thing to worry about when out on a long hike, going on an extended camping trip, enjoying some water sports or anything else.

Why is Aquapac your number one choice for waterproof phone cases?

Protecting your electronics and valuables from the weather has been our priority ever since Aquapac began in 1983. We were the originators of professional outdoor and waterproofing protection and have become a globally trusted and relied upon provider of waterproof bags and cases. In that time, we have led the industry forward - including in our handcrafted design for waterproof protection for smartphones. From our own factory here in London, we check, test and improve everything we do. When you choose Aquapac, you know that you're getting a waterproof phone pouch that works and that will really keep the phone protected - not just in wet conditions but even when submerged entirely. That's because we work with professionals across the globe here at Aquapac, providing them with the waterproofing they need to keep crucial equipment safe and working. When you choose an Aquapac waterproof phone case, you're getting a professional-grade product. green phone case3 Since we started over 30 years ago, mobile phones and smartphones have taken the world by storm. As innovative forward-thinkers in the industry, we haven't just kept pace but have pushed forward to remain on the cutting edge of design and technology. Here at Aquapac, we are never complacent and are constantly striving to improve our products and find new ways to help our customers along their adventures. That's why we have such a wide range of waterproof pouches and cases for mobile phones and smartphones in stock, all handcrafted and tested at our factory here in London. With a wide range of sizes, features and more available for you to choose the ideal case to keep your phone from water damage, Aquapac has your needs covered.

Our range of cases to give your phone real protection from the elements

The DockSystem Waterproof Phone Case

Want a piece of a piece of gear that will keep your phone close at hand while keeping it safe from water damage and more? Meet the DockSystem Waterproof Phone Case, which comes with one of our favourite features - a special locking dock system to keep your phone safely attached to your person in all environments. Supplied either with your choice of dock system or on its own for those who already have their own compatible KlickFast Dock, this case can be rotated to seven fixed positions, ensuring that your cell phone remains easily accessible at all times with just a simple snap. 357 shoulder Built for professional use, this case is used by emergency services, rescues teams and military across the globe. But it's perfect for anyone who needs both hands free when paddling, boating, cycling, or enjoying watersports like windsurfing, kayaking, and more. The best part? When mounted, this dock system case has been made with welded seams and resistant material, giving it a IPX8 waterproof rating - meaning that you can take it underwater up to 30 feet of water. This heavy duty piece of gear is also UV resistant and floats on water with air inside to protect your phone in case of careless moments or unfortunate drops - even if you find yourself going overboard. Completely functional and available in two sizes to suit all mobile phone sizes, you can continue to use your phone's touch screen while in this case, and you'll be able to make and receive calls while hearing and speaking as normal.

Our Budget Waterproof Phone Case

Want to get your hands on a professional-grade waterproof case to keep your phone water, dust, sand and snow proof but you're looking for more of a budget-friendly option? Look no further than Aquapac's Budget Waterproof Phone Case, designed with exactly this in mind. With an IP rating of IPX8, there's no reason to worry that this case compromises on quality - it's been crafted with our award-winning AQUACLIP seal, ensuring that your phone stays functional and safe even in the most extreme condition. The seams are welded together with high-frequency radio waves, creating Aquapac's signature resilience and reliability. This case allows you to take your phone up to 30 feet underwater. Want to take photos and videos underwater? This case has a transparent rear surface allowing for just that, making it perfect for thrillseekers and adventurers. Touchscreens and facial recognition work completely as normal, and you'll be able to make and receive calls without hindrance or your call quality suffering too.

Aquapac's Signature Waterproof Phone Case

This is a true classic - the original in professional phone waterproofing. Our signature Waterproof Phone Case has become a relied upon and trusted product for professional and recreational customers across the world. Why? With an IPX8 waterproof rating, this case protects your phone from snow, water, dust, sand, mud and more. Made with our famous Aquaclip waterproofing sealing system, this is a small and functional but heavy duty piece of kit that is designed to last. 358 sweden front P2 18 Available in five different sizes, there's a case for you no matter what model or brand of phone you use. Got a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini phone? Our mini size is perfect. Got an iPhone XR or XS you want to take up to 30 feet underwater? Our small cases will do the job. For the iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus, or another plus size phone, try our plus size case. With rugged welded seam construction and a transparent rear window, this case is perfect for use on any body of water. You can use your buttons, touch screen and facial recognition as normal, taking calls unheeded and even taking underwater videos and photos with this case. It even comes with a wrist lanyard for drop protection. This wrist strap ensures that your phone stays safe in action.

The Trailproof Protective Phone Case

One of the newer options in stock here at Aquapac, this case is perfect for anyone planning to hit the trail and brace themselves for the mud and rain. The Trailproof Protective Phone Case ensures that you can keep on the move without having to worry about the safety of your phone, protecting it from water, dust, rain, mud and sand. With an IPX8 waterproof rating, you can have complete peace of mind that this case will keep your phone safe from unwanted water damage up to 30 feet underwater because it's been made with our ziplock seal and welded seams technology. It's even got a transparent window in the rear, allowing you to take photos and videos without having to remove your phone from its case. The Trailproof case comes with two lash points, allowing you to easily attach it to a backpack, coat, belt or anything else incredibly easy - we even supply a carabiner to make your life easier. Your touchscreen will work as normal and there is no hindrance to the sound, allowing you to make and receive calls without any problem whatsoever.

Our Waterproof Phone Case With Headphone Jack

Need a phone case that doesn't get in the way of your music? After all, who doesn't love accompanying cycling on the dirt trails or windsurfing across the sea with some of your favourite songs? That's where our Waterproof Phone Case With Headphone Jack comes in - allowing you to listen to your music, radio or podcast completely unhindered while on your adventure. This is a universal option that is designed to fit all phones up to the iPhone Plus and Galaxy Note sizes. The waterproof headphone jack means that you can plug in while on the move. They are compatible with all standard headphones but consider pairing it with our 100% waterproof headphones for the ultimate protection. The case is 100% waterproof itself with a waterproof rating of IPX8, allowing full submersion in any body of water up to 30 feet. This case comes with an armband and lanyard too, allowing you to either use it as a neck strap or wrist strap for a more drop proof solution, keeping your phone and music close at hand without compromising on protection.

The Armband Waterproof Phone Case

218 lifestyle1 waterproof armband case aquapac Want something used by professional sportspeople around the world? Aquapac is happy to introduce you to the Armband Waterproof Phone Case, used by professional windsurfers and kitesurfers across the globe. When you need both hands free, you also need something that will keep your phone close at hand to take calls, capture amazing footage, and more. This is the case to help you do just that. This case comes with a strong and adjustable armband so that you can securely attach it to your body. But it's flexible, too - it also has a lanyard that can act as a wrist strap or neck strap depending on your activity and what you prefer, leaving you free to keep paddling, boating, cycling,or anything else. This case has an excellent IP rating of IPX8, meaning that you know it's 100% waterproof, giving you complete peace of mind when out on the water. It also has an excellent transparent screen cover that allows you to keep using your phone while adventuring.

How do I know what size phone case I'll need?

The last thing you want is to end up with an amazing, professional-grade waterproof phone case... that doesn't actually fit your phone model and size. With so much on offer here at Aquapac, and with products that are available in a range of different sizes, we understand that it can become a little confusing - especially with the huge number of smartphones on the market these days. Just visit our online size guide for more information about which of our cases work with which major mobile phones. The guide covers all the major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, Amazon and more. Whether you've got a tiny phone or need a case that accommodates extra bulk,  our cases cover all major phone series and phone models. If you're still not sure what phone case is right for you after taking a look at our size guide, simply get in touch with the team here at Aquapac. We've got more experience in the industry than anyone else, and our helpful team is always on hand to provide a bit of guidance and advice about how you can get your hands on an Aquapac product that suits your needs.

How waterproof are Aquapac products exactly?

Aquapac have been in the industry for a long time, and we know that there are some companies out there that try to redefine waterproof ratings - it could be that you've been stung in the past by getting a waterproof product from another business that turned out to not be quite as waterproof as you had been led to believe. 609 DSC04746 But there's actually an international standard in place, so here at Aquapac, that's exactly what we use. This international standard ensures that everything is measured by a particular scale, meaning that every product we make is given a particular IP rating. This means that you know exactly how waterproof every Aquapac product you choose actually is. We test everything we make in our own pressure chamber, but we also submit our products for independent testing. Our Aquaclip sealing system was tested for 30 minutes at a depth of 30 feet underwater, earning it the high IP rating of IPX8.

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