2 thoughts on “Our new branding is getting around a bit!

  1. Andrew33 says:

    Wish me luck…will be trying out aquapac 448 (large submersible pack) to do storm filming (hurricane chasing) with my favorite camera. If successful, will add more of your products to more of my cameras. I chose this particular product because it fits one of my favorite older cameras (Olympus sp800uz aka "lucky") like a glove and because it is thick, air tight, and has excellent hard points to hook straps (or in my case bungee cords) for mounting purposes. I mount my SP in a wind/debris protected area and use as remote while I go elsewhere to film and it always seems to get the best footage. I know this wasn't really the original intent of your product, but given the rapid popularity of storm chasing and filming here in the States, products designed for storm conditions would be an excellent growth and marketing opportunity.

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