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Underwater Shoot with Kristin Martz

(c) Kristin Martz An underwater shoot has been a long time coming for me. My name is Kristin Martz an I attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Photography. Recently, for a pre-portfolio class, we were given the assignment to take a huge risk on a shoot and increase our degree of difficulty. Since I’ve been […]

Desert Ways Moroccan Survival Course – an excerpt

Paul Evans is an Aquapac Beta-Tester who recently undertook an arduous Survival Course in the Moroccan desert. We’ll be publishing excerpts of his adventures on this blog in bitesize chunks. We waited for the temperature to drop before moving onto the subject of shelter building. A continuing theme out here is that everything comes back […]

Lesotho: A travel journal by Thomas Hastings

Thomas packs his gear in an Aquapac Noatak The road to the expedition Over a year and a half ago I applied to go on a cadet tri-service expedition to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho to take part in an expedition to celebrate the 150th year of the cadet forces. The selection process began with […]