Waterproof accessories for sailors

As a sailor, your time on the water is always more enjoyable if you don’t have to worry about your kit getting wet or damaged. Whether it’s a change of clothes or your electrical devices, if things get wet, at best it’s annoying, at worst it can be costly and possibly even dangerous! But with good waterproof bags and cases, you’ll be able to relax and make the most of your time at sea. Read on for some of our most popular waterproof accessories for sailors.

Waterproof Phone case

A waterproof phone case is an essential sailing accessory for keeping your phone protected whilst on the water. Our Professional Waterproof Phone Case fits many different sized phones. It’s 100% waterproof and you can talk and hear as normal through the case. It offers protection against water, dust, corrosion, sand and mud and comes with a handy lanyard.

Waterproof Radio Case

Our Pro Harness Waterproof VHF Radio Case gives you the freedom to get on with the job in hand, even in the most testing conditions. It has 4 lash points for the 3-way harness so you can wear your radio comfortably whatever you’re doing. The clever antenna design not only fits L-and-R-handed radios but also creates an emergency grab handle. The radio can be used normally through the case and it doesn’t interfere with sound or radio signals. It offers protection against water, dust, corrosion, sand and mud and if you drop it into the sea, it’ll float! The Aquaclip seal protects and secures your radio from the elements and is a must have sailing safety accessory.

Waterproof iPad Pro Case

If you’re wanting to take entertainment onboard, or need to do some work while at sea, you might be keen to take an iPad onboard. It’s a good idea to keep these expensive items protected, so our Waterproof iPad Pro Case means you can use your iPad safely, whatever the weather! Your touchscreen will work as normal and you get HD video through the LENFLEX optically-clear windows – both front and back. You can even use the volume buttons to operate the camera underwater!

Waterproof Camera Case

If you’re looking to take some snaps out on the water you’ll want to protect your camera – our Waterproof Camera Case Small is perfect for small compact cameras with some zoom use.This camera case is also sandproof, so you can take it safely ashore without worrying about damage. With the 3 desiccant sachets to absorb condensation it’s also suitable for humid climates. For keen photographers, it’s great to know that you can use your camera safely on your boat or even underwater. Your camera should also float in this case – but make sure you test it in a basin before you launch it into the sea!

Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag

Our Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag is brilliant for sailors to take onboard – it’s made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks you experience on your boat. It’s really simple to seal – just roll down the top 3 times. The bright red colour means you can easily spot your First Aid Kit in an emergency onboard.

Waterproof Backpack

When you’re heading out on a sailing trip it’s a good idea to have something waterproof  to carry all your kit onboard. Our 28L Heavyweight Waterproof backpack is tough enough to take to sea – its all-welded construction seals out any water, with lash points for lights and an easy grab handle. This waterproof bag is brilliant for adventures on the water and comes in three colours to suit your style – acid green, cool blue or matt black.

Waterproof Key and Card Case

If you like having your valuables to hand when hopping on and off your boat, this Waterproof Key and Card Case will keep them dry and safe. It comes in a range of sizes with an adjustable carrycord. Like most waterproof cases, it’ll float if you drop it in the sea provided there’s some air in the case. The Aquaclip seal protects and secures your items from all the elements really well.

Waterproof Drybag

For a really handy little waterproof bag for all your sailing gear we have the 7L Heavyweight Drybag with Shoulder Strap – it’s great value for money and built to last! This simple waterproof bag will allow you to pack and go with two bright colours to choose from!

All that remains is for you to get out on the water, relax and enjoy your time at sea. Take a look at our full range at https://aquapac.net/