Top podcasts for watersport fans

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Whether you’re new to the water or you’ve spent every day in it since you were born, we all enjoy listening to some inspiration, motivation or just having a laugh at people who talk about the same things we do. Podcasts are a great way of delving deeper into a niche world that fascinates you. If you’re looking for something to listen to in the car on the watch to the beach or something to encourage you to dust the paddleboard off, we’ve teamed with Ryan James – one of the UK’s top SUP athletes and coaches and occupational therapist for Hampshire Constabulary and Fire and Rescue – to bring you a list of must-listen podcasts for watersport lovers.

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This Ocean Life

This twice weekly interview-style podcast provides ‘a raw perspective from real people living their passion for the ocean’. The global podcast covers everything water-based from paddling and fishing to underwater photography and surfing; interviewing all kinds of people from professional athletes to ‘your neighbour down the street’. It’s hosted by Californian fishing fanatic, Josh Pederson, who says, “the ocean was the thing that I laid awake at night thinking of”.

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The Lineup

Dave Prodan is the Senior Vice President of Global Brand Identity for the World Surf League, so he’s a pretty big figure in the world of big waves. He’s been with the WSL for around 15 years and there’s no one better placed to present a podcast that: ‘breaks things down with influential figures from all across the surf landscape’. The Lineup includes behind the scenes stories and unadulterated opinions, to give a deeper understanding about how its guests have influenced the world of surf.

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This podcast is dedicated to SUP racing and surfing and is presented by Chris Parker from SUP Racer – one of the most influential and important websites in the world of SUP racing. ‘Dedicated to High Performance SUP Surfing. Our mission is to debrief the visionaries, innovators and athletes leading the charge to define Paddle Enhanced Surfing.’. It includes interviews with people in the SUP world including Evelyn O’Doherty, owner of StandupJournal, and chess player, Josh Waitzkin, the subject of the film Searching for Bobby Fischer and whose new passion is paddle surfing.

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Another interview-based podcast, this one is presented by surfing legend and former world champion, Mark Occhilupo. He’s interviewed some big names including Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning. Mark is an Australian surfer and won the ASP world title in 1999. He started surfing when he was nine and shot to the top of the ASP ratings when he was 17. As well as presenting his podcast which interviews ‘one of the most prolific surfers in the world to discuss all things surf, music, art and life’, he’s also a television presenter on Australian TV. 

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The Physical Performance Show 

Apple says the Physical Performance Show exists ‘to inspire people to achieve their physical best through candid interviews with the world’s best and most inspiring physical performers’. Guests are interviewed by host, Brad Beer – a Physiotherapist and author who asks them to share the highs and lows of getting to their physical best. The show has featured distance runners, neurosurgeons, triathletes, physios, physical therapists and podiatrists to name just a few. If you like the sound of it, there are more than 200 episodes available!

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Looking Sideways

This is the podcast for ‘action sports’ fans. It’s presented by journalist and co-director of All Conditions Media, Matt Barr and promises to ‘uncover the most interesting stories in action sports.’. Matt decided to launch the podcast himself after complaining that he didn’t have anything to listen to that was a decent action sports podcast. He’s been writing and interviewing athletes for the last 20 years as a journalist for a huge number of publications from The Times to Transworld Snowboarding. But says his podcast “digs a little deeper”. He’s featured snowboarder, Sascha Hamm, Finisterre founder, Tom Kay, and big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton.

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Surf Mastery

This podcast is hosted by Mike Frampton, a surf and movement coach who combines surf coaching with surf-specific skateboarding, bodyweight strength training, meditation, DNS, performance neurology and vision training to ‘fast track your surfing progression’. He works in Malibu, California and has been studying surfing for 15 years. His podcast shares ‘the knowledge of people in the surf industry happy to reveal their wealth of experience and insights to us all.’. It hopes to help people improve their technique and mindset ‘in and out of the water’.

What equipment do I need?

Before you start listening to podcasts on the water, make sure your phone is protected by slipping it inside an Aquapac waterproof phone case. You can also use Aquapac’s Waterproof Headphones which offer amazing sound quality – even underwater – down to a depth of three metres. If you’re using an iPad, check out Aquapac’s iPad & Kindle case range.

The health and safety message

Please note: it’s incredibly important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings when in the water. Try leaving only one ear in, keeping the volume low or save your podcasts for dry land. 

More about Ryan James

Ryan James is a canoe and stand up paddle board expert who this summer won national championship titles in both single and crew Outrigger Canoe as well as competing in national stand up paddle board events. By day, Ryan is an occupational therapist for Hampshire Constabulary and Fire and Rescue and he’s currently researching cold water immersion therapy for stress and high trauma. He lives in Poole and spends most of his life on the water; swimming around 6 km a week and completing two river stand up paddle board sessions and two on the ocean each week.