How to save a wet phone

We all rely on our phones so much that if it gets wet and breaks, it can be a real problem. Although newer models are created with a degree of waterproofing, it’s always better to not take the chance of damaging your device.

But what if you’ve dropped your phone in the sea or a rockpool, been caught out by a shower when cycling or walking, or it’s been a victim of a water bottle leaking in your bag? Here’s some of our top tips on what to do if your phone gets wet…

How to dry out a mobile phone

The first thing to do is to try and retrieve your phone from the water as soon as possible – a prolonged plunge will increase the risk of damage. Resist the urge to check if it still works or press any buttons; putting pressure on the keys could shift any liquid further into the device. The best thing to do is immediately take out the battery to minimise power to the device that might cause a short circuit. If you don’t have a non-replaceable battery like on an iPhone, you will have to risk pressing buttons to see if it’s still on and to quickly turn it off if it is. 

Remove any attachments like a phone case and extract the SIM card and any SD cards it carries, leaving ports or covers on your handset open to aid ventilation. Dry off everything with a towel, including the exterior of your handset, but be careful not to let any water drain into any openings on your phone. Even when your phone seems dry, it’s very likely there may be some moisture still in the device that you’ll want to get out before turning it on. The best idea for a sodden phone is to bury the phone handset in a bowl of dry, uncooked rice. 

Desiccant materials, such as rice, have hygroscopic properties that can attract and absorb moisture. You can also use silica gel packs for the same effect, the kind used in shoe boxes, or pick up a pack from our website. Place your phone in an airtight container and completely cover it, leaving it in the container for 24-48 hours so the rice/ desiccant sachets can draw all the moisture out of your phone handset. When you are really confident it’s dried out, replace the battery if needed and try switching it on.

What not to do with a wet mobile phone

Dismantling your phone completely can help to dry it out more effectively, but doing this will void your warranty, so might not be the best idea if you have one! It also usually requires specialist tools and may jeopardise your phone if you’re not careful. Avoid using a hairdryer to dry out your phone, although it will help evaporate all the moisture quickly, it risks becoming too hot and causing damage to your phone components. This goes for drying out a phone in a microwave as well, not a good idea! 

Jabbing something into the openings of your phone to dry out those areas is also not recommended. It is best to just get air ventilation to them, rather than risk damaging the phone. Sometimes it’s suggested to overcharge the phone handset so that the build-up of heat is gradual and not excessive, but this is not always a good idea as this carries the risk of running a current through wet circuitry.  

How can I stop my phone getting wet?

The best way you can stop your phone getting wet is to invest in a good waterproof phone case. Here at Aquapac we have a range of waterproof cases that are perfect for all your adventures. If you’re looking for a Budget Waterproof Phone Case our original classic phone case fits most phones and comes in black and green. Or how about our Original Waterproof Phone Case that comes in grey, black and green? It has been a trusted design since 19 and fits most phones.

If you’re a keen cyclist a Handlebar Phone Case is the way forward – use your phone normally, safely and conveniently on any bike, plus it fits all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models up to 10. Or our Armband Waterproof Case will leave you free to get on with any outdoor activity knowing your phone will be protected. 

If you’re in need of a dock system, we have a professional grade Waterproof Dock system Phone Case with a locking dock system holster. Or if you’re looking for a waterproof phone case with a headphone jack our Large Waterproof Phone Case comes with a gold-plated headphone jack and an armband as well.

We have a full size guide on our website if you want to find a waterproof case that fits your phone. We hope these tips are useful if you find yourself with a wet phone – the best advice is to prevent your device getting wet in the first place is buy an Aquapac waterproof phone case, so you can just get on with enjoying your next adventure safely.