Christmas Presents for Water Lovers

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We’ve all got them – that friend or relative who posts a picture on Facebook at 7 am of them enjoying a SUP yoga session, whilst you’re enjoying a warm cuppa in your toasty bed.  

So, what are the top ten Christmas presents for your crazy water-loving friends and family (and for you to bookmark on your partner’s tablet – just to give them a hint or two!)  

1. For the stand-up paddleboarder 

Specifically designed for board sports, the Aquapac Waterproof Expedition Duffle sits comfortably on top of a stand-up paddleboard with secure lash points to keep it safe. Capable of carrying up to 80 litres, you can also attach up to two paddles once you hit dry land. Quick access pockets, a clear map pocket and quick dry shoulder straps add to its functionality.  

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2. For the sailor  

VHF radios are literally a lifesaver for anyone who likes to adventure on the water. VHF stands for very high frequency and allows someone to summon help or communicate with dry land. Some VHF radios are waterproof but the saltwater corrodes their circuit boards and they don’t float. Aquapac’s new Rugged Pro Waterproof VHF Radio Case costs just £34.99 and is stocking filler sized! It comes with its own shoulder strap. Transmit and receive through the case as normal and it will float if dropped over the side. Bonus!  

3. For the wild swimmer  

For those friends and family members who enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on our British rivers but often worry about their valuables on the bank, the Aquapac Submersible Waterproof Belt Case is a highly practical answer. Big enough to stow money, cards, a phone, it can be strapped around the waist allowing you a comfortable swim with no worries.  

4. For the winter cyclist  

Leaving the house on a dark winter’s morning to cycle to work can be an effort for even the hardiest of cyclists. What gets you going is knowing that once you arrive at work, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go and, more importantly, you’ll have a dry change of clothes to get into. Make this a reality for your Lycra-clad friend or relative with Aquapac’s fully waterproof Bike Panniers. Super light, easy to attach to a bike and then carry into the office and very affordable – they feature reflective stripes and adjustable rack fixings.   

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5. For the canoeist   

Canoeing allows you to experience stunning scenery, often from the bottom of a ravine or valley and it’s times like those you need a camera. But being so close to the water, the danger of camera-overboard is very real. Help your kayaking friend with an Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case, designed for DSLR, mirrorless, compact cameras and mobile phones – there’s an Aquapac case for every make and model. They’re great for the beach, or by the swimming pool too.  

6. For the hiker  

Many of us now depend on our phones or a GPS device for map reading, but any expedition leader will tell you nothing works better than a good old-fashioned paper map; no chance of a flat battery or lack of signal. But, said map is no use to anyone in the wind and rain without a Waterproof Map Case. Aquapac’s map cases come with a lanyard and can even float – so it doesn’t matter how big those puddles get!  

7. For the camper  

Camping can be a bit of a sorry state of affairs if you get wet. Being able to pitch your tent and change into warm, dry clothes is an absolute delight after a long, soggy day (and knowing that your sleeping bag is safely stowed away ready for a warm, dry night is a comforting thought). Aquapac’s Waterproof Backpacks are available in 25 and 35-litre sizes. They’re lightweight, comfortable to carry all day and include a large internal Dry Bag to separate wet from dry clothing.  

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8. For the traveller  

Any experienced traveller knows the true worth of a good pair of headphones. By popping a great podcast, music album or audiobook into your ears you can quickly disconnect from the interior of the plane, coach or train. Aquapac’s Waterproof Headphones work even underwater! So, it doesn’t matter whether the plan is to use them on the plane, during a wet ride or hike or even snorkelling.  

9. For the winter sports enthusiast 

The Aquapac GPS Armband Case is a perfect present for anyone who loves ski touring or backcountry skiing. Available in small, medium or large depending on the GPS they use, it can be strapped to an upper arm or hung around the neck on a lanyard. Any touch screen and audio capabilities aren’t affected, so you’ll be keeping your friend safe as well as happy on the slopes this Christmas.  

10. For the friend who doesn’t like to get wet and in fact despises water, especially since they dropped their phone down the toilet!  

Quite simply, absolutely anyone, would find an Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case useful. Whether you’re never out of, or never in the water! Available with or without headphone jacks, armbands and lanyards, our selection caters for everyone no matter their phone make or model.