Christmas Gift Ideas for outdoor lovers

Do you have an adventurer to buy for this Christmas? Don’t worry, here at Aquapac we’ve put our active heads together to come up with a list of great Christmas gift ideas for those that love getting outside, whatever the weather or conditions. From surfing to walking and everything in between, if you’re not sure what Christmas gifts to buy an outdoor love this year, we’ve got you covered…

Christmas gifts for stand up paddleboarders

We all want to take our phones with us everywhere these days, that includes on the water. As well as it being safe to take it with you, we also like to capture those moments on our board through photos and video. Our Waterproof Phone Case is a great Christmas gift for a paddleboarder – it fits any phone, is 100% waterproof and comes with a lanyard, plus the touchscreen works as normal as well.

How about these Waterproof Headphones for someone who loves to SUP this Christmas, which will allow them to listen to their favourite tunes whilst out on the water. Our waterproof headphones can also be used underwater, so no need to worry if they take a tumble while wearing them! Pair them with our Waterproof Phone Case with Phone Jack which fits iphone 6 Plus, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy tablets. It comes with an armband as well as a lanyard, so you can either hang it round your neck or wear it on your arm – both are detachable. It’s also not just waterproof, it’ll protect your phone from dust, dirt and sand!

Christmas gifts for kayakers

Every kayaker wants to take some kit (and snacks!) with them out on the water and this 7L Heavyweight Waterproof Drybag with Shoulder Strap is the perfect Christmas gift for kayakers. It’s available in two colours and built to last.

This Armband Waterproof Phonecase will leave a kayaker free to get on with what they’re doing whilst knowing their phone is easily accessible. It comes with a strong armband, adjustable to fit whatever size arm – you can talk and hear without a problem and your touchscreen will work normally. This is a great pressie for water lovers!

Christmas gifts for sailors

Most sailors have a VHF radio, but it’s a great idea to get them a Pro Waterproof VHF Radio Case to go with it if you’re looking for Christmas ideas for a boat lover. Even though most radios are waterproof, the saltwater can be really corrosive and it’s best to protect the radio so it lasts as long as possible. This case actually floats, as well as being submersible and secure, thanks to its quick and simple ziplock seal.

Safety is one of the most important things when sailing – buy your sailor a Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag this Christmas to ensure they have everything to hand if an accident were to occur. 

Christmas gift ideas for walkers

If you have a keen walker or hiker to buy for this Christmas, we think this Lightweight Waterproof Map Case is the perfect gift. For walkers that get out there all year round, this will keep their map safe whatever weather is thrown at them, so no excuses for getting lost!

Something comfortable and waterproof is essential to keep your belongings in when you’re out walking. This Waterproof Waist Pack is designed to hold whatever kit you wish to take when outdoors – a great gift for someone that’s out walking all year round.

Christmas gift ideas for travellers

If you know someone that’s got some travelling planned and they’re an avid photographer, a Water DSLR Camera Case could be an awesome gift for a traveller this Christmas. Whether they are hiking, on a beach or even underwater they can get photos even when it’s really wet! 

Having something safe and waterproof to keep all your items together when travelling is really important. This Fuji – Map, Passport and Ticket Case is perfect for keeping those precious items in one place, plus its completely waterproof protection will also keep your valuables safe from dirt, sand and dust – this case is designed for every adventure!

Christmas gift ideas for campers 

Camping doesn’t mean we have to leave our favourite entertainment items at home. Treat a keen camper to our very useful Waterproof iPad Pro Case this Christmas so they can take their iPad along with them on their adventures, or ensure their device is protected so they can watch movies in the tent or van on those cosy nights.

This 28L Heavyweight Waterproof Backpack is a great gift for someone you know that goes on lots of camping trips. With its tough waterproof protection it’s trustworthy in any weather – with breathable mesh straps and padding it’s also comfortable to carry as well.

Christmas gifts for surfers

Surfers need somewhere to store their car keys and cards when heading to the beach – our Keymaster – Key and Card Case is a super useful Christmas gift for surfers. It comes in a choice of cool styles, it’s completely waterproof and offers protection from dirt, sand and dust.

When you’re heading out for a surf you need a lightweight waterproof backpack to hold your change of clothes, towel etc. Our 25L Lightweight Waterproof Backpack is perfect for commuting to the beach and will protect your gear from all the elements – ideal if you’re not sure what to buy a surfer this Christmas.

Of course, these adventures are just a suggestion – lots of our waterproof items are perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities and have multiple uses. Aquapac has been world-leading in protecting professional and personal gear since 1983, so you can have complete confidence that you’re buying your adventurer an awesome Christmas gift they can trust to protect their kit.