Best Beach Bags

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You may be thinking this post is about canvas tote bags with cute images of boats embroidered across them, but you’d be wrong. Do you know what makes a good beach bag? One that’s waterproof – pure and simple. You’re playing on the sand next to one of the biggest expanses of water you’ll ever see and what you need to do is keep your stuff dry.

According to ABTA, holidays are still a spending priority for Brits, despite our current political uncertainties. Their latest report suggests that Europe is still the top of our list when it comes to destinations but more and more of us are looking towards Asia with beach holidays increasing in popularity. Last year, 44 per cent of people said they were planning to take a beach holiday in 2019.

Our beach bags tend to be stuffed full of essential gear for the day ahead; a towel, swimsuit, sun cream, sunglasses, flip flops, money, water bottle, phone – the list of belongings which you need for the beach goes on and that means you need space.

The Aquapac Waterproof Expedition Backpack might sound like something more suited to the jungle, but its features make it the perfect choice for a holiday. It’s super lightweight with quick-dry shoulder straps to keep you comfortable if there’s a bit of walk to the beach. A mesh pocket on each side is the perfect size for a couple of water bottles. And with a 36-litre capacity, you’ll be able to pack in everything you need for a whole day and more.

What’s more, everything you do pop inside will be protected from the water. Whether you stay on sandy land or head out on a boat or board. And if you’re on a bit of a beach adventure, there’s a clear map pocket with splash-proof zipper to stop you getting lost en route.

Prefer something smaller? Keep your phone, money and passport safe with the Waterproof Waist Pack. We often want to head for a paddle but are scared to leave our belongings a few metres away. Pop them in this waist pack and paddle to your heart’s content. There’s even an internal zipper pocket to give extra security for the most important items. It won’t matter if you get splashed by a wave – or someone else for that matter.

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The Waterproof Waist Pack

If you’re not really one for relaxing on a sun lounger, the ocean will be calling you. Whether your hobby is stand up paddleboarding, canoeing or kayaking or sailing – you’ll want to be able to take your gear with you and know that it’s protected.

Aquapac makes a great range of phone, iPad, map, camera and travel cases which are 100 per cent waterproof and fully submersible. In fact, they’ll float. That means if they fall off the board, or you capsize, you’ll have no trouble retrieving your gear.