4 Ways to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in 2022

The start of a new year is a great time to explore different ways to step outside your comfort zone – maybe there’s always something you’ve wanted to try and this could be the year to do it! Making the time to challenge yourself with a new activity or exciting adventure could be a great place to start – here are four ideas to help you step outside your comfort zone in 2022.

Adventure somewhere new – Freshen up your walking & hiking routes

Working out some new places you’d like to visit is always a good goal for the year ahead and it can be fun planning it. It doesn’t have to be an overseas trip – we all know loads of local spots we haven’t explored, and the options here in the UK are endless! Hiking or walking is a perfect way to explore new places and great exercise, and it will be much more enjoyable if you have the right kit to help you along the way.

Our Lightweight Waterproof Backpack is a great bag designed for everyday adventures; it’s totally rainproof and will protect all your belongings whilst walking. If you’re in for some serious hiking miles you may want to take (and protect) a proper map – our Rugged Waterproof Map Case works for digital maps on an iPad as well as paper maps. 

Embrace the water – get on, or in, the sea, lakes or rivers

Time in or on the water is good for your body, mind and soul! How about trying sea swimming or booking a surf or stand-up paddleboard lesson? If you don’t fancy getting quite so wet, a kayak session can be lots of fun and a great way to spend time on the water.

We understand that a new activity comes with some new challenges – for example what do you do with your stuff when you’re out on the water? Our useful Waterproof Key & Card Case is perfect for protecting your valuables. It has an adjustable carrycord and comes in two different sizes and a variety of colours. Look out for our NEW Keymaster+ which is being launched in February 2022.

Or if you’d prefer a waist bag, our Waterproof Belt Case is completely waterproof and has an adjustable belt and carry cord. If you need a Waterproof bag to carry all your belongings, this 15L Heavyweight Waterproof Drybag is really tough and great for the job!

Capture the world in a new light – try photography

Photography is a great new hobby to start this year – get out into the outdoors and capture your adventures through the lens. It can be great fun choosing locations to visit and exploring to get some amazing snaps! You’ll need to be prepared for being out in the elements, so it’s worth investing in a waterproof case to protect your camera.

We have a Waterproof DSLR Camera Case that allows you to get photos even when it’s really raining, and even underwater! It features a tough acrylic lens so you can get top-quality photos and extra protection for your camera. If you’re just starting out with your photography and taking photos on your phone, we have a range of phone cases, like our Waterproof Phone Case with a lanyard – the touchscreen works as normal so you can capture those essential photos and videos for your Instagram.

Sleep under the stars – camping out

Planning some overnight trips away is a great way to have something fun to look forward to, and camping is a simple, usually low-cost way to soak up the great outdoors. However, an enjoyable camping trip means having the right kit to keep you and your belongings warm and dry. A good bag for camping is our 25L Heavyweight Waterproof Backpack – this premium waterproof backpack has plenty of room for everything you’ll need overnight and is built to last!

Alternatively, our 28L Heavyweight Waterproof Backpack is an ideal bag for camping as this waterproof travel bag can take whatever you throw at it with it’s tough waterproof protection. Whatever you decide to do to step out of your comfort zone – we wish you the best of luck and fun on your journey in 2022. This is your year, go get it!