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Lightweight waterproof pouch – Wide style


A wide-mouth version of our lightweight, roll-down waterproof pouch, to keep your pocket items dry in rain or sweaty environments.

Sweatproof, dirtproof and dustproof too; ideal for playing indoors and out.

SKU: 045grey Category: GTIN: 70739811045
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Stormproof DLSR Padded Pouch


Padded, rugged and simple to use camera pouch is perfect for outdoor photographers who don’t want to worry about their gear.
Trail walking, river rafting or a day at the beach, this caseleaves you worry-free, allowing you to get on with it whatever the weather.

Supplied with an adjustable shoulderstrap and a belt so you can wear it securely on your waist with no bouncing around. The case also features a unique front lashtab for securing to kayak, raft or other luggage.

SKU: 022 Category: GTIN: 707398110228
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Shoulder Strap – 1in/25mm


Perfect for our TrailProof phone and TrailProof VHF PRO cases.

Can be used with many cameras and most camera cases too!

SKU: 921 Category: Tag: GTIN: 707398179211
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Tactical Sports Stretch Belt


Soft, comfortable, elasticated Neoprene belt with a set of four webbing tactical loops at the buckle end to clip on your own carabiners or accessories.

38mm width for great weight distribution and comfort. Adjustable length to 125cm / 49in.

All-plastic non-slip clip and buckle for rust-free, secure adventures.


SKU: 912a Category: Tags: , GTIN: 707398219129
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3-Way Harness for VHF PRO Cases


A replacement or extra 3-way harness which fits our PRO VHF Case (229), Extreme PRO VHF Case (227) and Double-Seal Rugged PRO VHF Case (241).

This means you can carry the case securely on your shoulder, rather than around your neck.


SKU: 911 Category:
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Handle for large submersible cases


Spare handle to fit any of our submersible waterproof cases which have 3 or more levers.

SKU: H1handle Category:
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Adjustable Lanyards


A replacement or extra polypropylene lanyard/carrystrap for our smaller cases.

50cm / 20″ loop available in acid green (914) or black (916)

100cm/39” loop available in acid green (915), black (918) or burnt orange (920)

Just thread it through the case eyelet, and away you go!

SKU: N/A Category:
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Waterproof iPad Pro Case (Portrait 12.9in) – Fits Surface Pro/Linx


Use your iPad Pro safely, whatever the weather!

Designed to fit the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in portrait mode.

SKU: 671 Category: GTIN: 707398206716
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