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Jessie's in the Bernese Oberland

Paddling in Thun Switzerland may be even better than it was during the World’s in 2009! Two years ago, I watched with horror as a bulldozer dug up the riverbed in Thun right where the former amazing World’s Wave had been. I thought that that was the end of paddling life at Thun. However, low and behold, this summer reports started trickling across the Atlantic about how Thun had come back and was better than ever. Not seeing for myself, I thought, “this is nice, but how can it be, and it probably is not as good as it used to be!” Well, boy was I wrong – and thankfully so! For the last week, an amazing world-class wave has been there for all to surf. The local paddling posse who are all in some form of Jackson boat – which is great to see too – have been out everyday. With everyone floating in the eddy, we look like a pack of exploded M&Ms with all the bright colors and red faces from paddling so much!

The new Thun wave is in a different location than the World’s wave and its definitely a little bigger and more dynamic! The wave is also quite fast with a left shoulder a lot like club wave on the Nile, so you have the sensation of surfing a big fast and powerful wave. And you can try any move you like on it, which is great fun. This new wave has really made for a fantastic and unexpected Fall paddling treat here in the Berner Oberland. The surfers are pretty happy with the wave too, and it’s been great to see all kinds of people enjoying this spot. Another great thing about this wave is that catching it is a little tricky so it has the added benefit of getting you in awesome paddling shape just to play at the spot. If all that weren't enough, the weather has been very mild this Fall so the water is still a very pleasant temperature. Overall, it’s been some of the best Fall paddling I have done in years. Here’s to an unexpected surprise in Switzerland this Fall!

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