Waterproof case for Iridium Extreme 9575?

Looking for an AquaPac for my Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone. Let me know which one will fit. Thanks.    I recommend our 248-Large VHF Case, you should be able to turn the antenna to 45 degrees, because the material is quite flexible.   https://aquapacusa.com/shop/waterproof-vhf-radio-cases/vhf-classic-case-large-248/   Thank you for your interest in Aquapac, we appreciate […]

Waterproof case for a Blackberry Passport?

Will your stormproof case (small) fit a Blackberry Passport and what else can you recommend for a BlackBerry Passport. I have your trailproof case (excellent) for my BlackBerry Classic but it doesn’t fit the Passport. Hi, and thanks for your question. I’ve looked at the dimensions of the Blackberry Passport and its circumference is 199mm which […]