Passage Adventures

Lucy Graham and Mathilde Gordon hail from Australia. In 2018 they completed a 2,042 km (1,270 mile) paddle from Glacier Bay, Alaska to Victoria on Vancouver Island. They did it single-use-plastic-free, in order to raise awareness of marine debris issues. This meant cooking, dehydrating and packing over 500 meals in newspaper and relying on high quality Aquapac gear […]

Expedition 5

Louis Nethercott and Ant Lambert are two ex-Royal Marine Commandos who call themselves the Mad Explorers. Completely unaided they are crossing the five largest islands on the earth, only using human power. Moving from jungles to arctic wastes, they have already crossed Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, and Greenland. Next challenge, Baffin Island. Due to the unique and […]

Joe Alexander

Turning his personal aspirations into a professional career, Joe has guided explorers to over 60% of the world while running his own company, Alexander Adventures. Born into an active military family from Wakefield, Joe Alexander was an outdoor adventurer from the start. From completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge at age 10, joining the Army […]

Difference between lightweight and heavyweight drybags?

I live on a sailboat, and we’re taking it around the world. Looking for the best completely waterproof duffle bag to haul laundry, groceries, etc. to and from the sailboat. What is the difference between your heavyweight and lightweight duffel bags? Would the heavyweight last longer?   Hello and thank you for your enquiry.   […]