How to choose a waterproof jacket

Waterproof Jackets for hiking, biking, camping and outdoors have come a long way recently, and new technologies can be confusing. Here’s a short guide to the different types of waterproof jackets. Waterproof (non-breathable) jackets and ponchos These are effectively solid layers of fabric which keep rain and wind off you. They’re like wearing a plastic […]

How to wash a softshell jacket

A softshell jacket is usually waterproof to some extent for two reasons. Firstly because the fibres are so close together, and secondly because the surface is treated in DWR (Durable water repellent), which is a chemical coating. A lot of windproof fabrics are softshells, including Gore Windstopper, Schoeller and Polartec soft-shells. Re-proofing is quick and […]

How to re-waterproof a Gore-Tex Jacket

Waterproofing a Gore-Tex Jacket will eventually be required because despite the inner layer being a breathable waterproof membrane, the outer layer (shell) of the jacket will lose its waterproofing, soak up water and stay wet, blocking the effect of the Gore Tex. Dirt, grease and muck will also hamper a coat’s breathability. Re-proofing is quick […]

Dave’s 1000-mile cycle

Dave Cornthwaite

We have been working with Dave Cornthwaite ever since he became our ‘Aquapac Outdoor Champion’ in 2012. He’s a world record holding SUP rider, endurance swimmer, long distance cyclist and all-round good guy. He’s currently trying to cycle 1000-miles across the USA on a recumbant bike… and at the time of posting has just gotten […]

Aussie Masters snatch bronze

Once again this year Aquapac is delighted to support the Australian Master Men’s Rafting Team. They smashed their way to a Bronze at the 2019 world rafting championships, to be held on their local river, the Tully, in Far North Queensland. And they’re currently training for the R4 Rafting Championships in Cairns, October 2019. Web: Australian Master Men’s Rafting […]

Sponsor: Ben Sadd – filmmaker

Ben Sadd

Benjamin is an award-winning filmmaker and cameraman. Aquapac first supported him on an Amazon adventure which led to the making of the film DugOut, which among other things won Best in Show at the 2017 Adventure Travel Film Festival, the Special Jury Award at the 2018 Mountain Film Festival and Best Film at 2018 Expedition Camera. We are now supporting his filming […]

Passage Adventures

Passage Adventures

Lucy Graham and Mathilde Gordon hail from Australia. In 2018 they completed a 2,042 km (1,270 mile) paddle from Glacier Bay, Alaska to Victoria on Vancouver Island. They did it single-use-plastic-free, in order to raise awareness of marine debris issues. This meant cooking, dehydrating and packing over 500 meals in newspaper and relying on high quality Aquapac gear […]

Expedition 5


Louis Nethercott and Ant Lambert are two ex-Royal Marine Commandos who call themselves the Mad Explorers. Completely unaided they are crossing the five largest islands on the earth, only using human power. Moving from jungles to arctic wastes, they have already crossed Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, and Greenland. Next challenge, Baffin Island. Due to the unique and […]