Sweepstake Winner

Collin Bascom of Madison, Connecticut with his girlfriend. All smiles after hearing that he’d drawn first prize in our sweepstake competition. His prize, kindly donated by Pangaea Explorations, is a week’s sailing trip on their 72ft yacht Sea Dragon. He’ll be joining the crew in November for their ‘Ocean Cleanup North Atlantic Gyre Expedition‘, which […]

Introducing Emily Penn – Aquapac Outdoor Champion 2013

We’re delighted to name Emily Penn – world-class sailor, oceans advocate and plastic pollution expert – as the Aquapac Outdoor Champion of 2013. With the title comes a cash award of £1,000 (US$1,600) in recognition of Emily’s current achievements and to support her future endeavours. To find out a little more about Emily we interviewed […]

Winners of the Sigma ‘Wild Life’ photo competitionJust to remind you we asked for “images of human, animal or natural activity in the outdoors which capture the essence of wilderness”.  We received well over 200 entries from amateurs and professionals alike. Some were funny. Some were odd. But most were just astonishingly stunning images.Our Guest […]

A short interview with Dave Cornthwaite – Aquapac Outdoor Champion 2012

We’re delighted to name Dave Cornthwaite, world-wide adventurer, record-breaker and campaigner, as the Aquapac Outdoor Champion 2012. With the title comes a cash award £1,000 in recognition of Dave’s achievements and future endeavours. We caught up with Dave for this interview when – unusually – he was at home. Aquapac: So it seems we’re lucky to […]