Catch Up With Tim Wiggins

Credit: Tim Wiggins

Tim Wiggins, 29, is an inspiration. He is always outdoors; whether it is kayaking, cycling, trail running, or sailing. That is why we know, whatever kit we send him, it will be put through its paces. Living on the Isle of Wight, he is ideally placed to give Aquapac kit a hammering.

Content Marketer, Tim, works in the tourism industry (when he is not out on an adventure). It is no surprise the travel side of his job has diminished lately, so we wanted to know how he has filled his time over the summer; from coping with lockdown, to testing out the new Aquapac DockSystem range. Here is what he said:

First things first Tim, what have you been up to?

“Not so much… Well, not so much travelling anyway. I have just returned from a photoshoot in the Dolomites and it was great to be back doing the stuff I love. Like most people though, I have been more stuck in my own bubble.”

You are right, our circles have gotten smaller. How have you been coping with this?

“More cycling. The Isle of Wight was far quieter than usual; it was like going out on Christmas day every day. I made the most of it by riding a lot. Then, once the water temperature rose, I kayaked too.

Credit: Martin Paldan | GripGrab

Were you comfortable in your own bubble? Did you welcome the peace and quiet and fewer travel commitments?

“I found spending so much time by myself difficult. Work and leisure activities take me travelling and I get to meet new people. The lack of interaction during lockdown was not easy and I felt isolated. Thankfully, I rode with friends as soon as possible and met with people outdoors – socially distanced, of course.

Of course. Socially distancing is key. So, bubble-wise, did you take a break with your bubble-family this year?

“I managed to get away sailing with my parents on their boat. They are always in need of crew and I was available. I brought my kayak too and, 27 hours later, we were in Devon. I then got to explore closer to shore and that is where Aquapac came into its own.

I have been using waterproof cases for kayaking a lot – the Waterproof Phone Cases are my favourite Aquapac product.  Unlike others, they do not split, and the seals do not break; they just keep on working. It is so important to protect phones or VHF kit when out on the water (for safety reasons); while most gear is classified waterproof, saltwater can play havoc with the electronics inside, so a good case is essential for protecting these lifelines.

Credit: Tim Wiggins

Now that the weather’s turning, is it more of the same?

“Pretty much. I also do a bit more trail running. Running for an hour in the rain is not as bad as the equivalent bike ride or kayak in the same weather – particularly if it is windy. That said, I carried on kayaking last winter; because, if you have the right kit, UK weather cannot stop you exploring.

Talking about kit, how are you finding the new Aquapac DockSystem?

“I love it. It is perfect for kayaking adventures. What I like about the system is you can have things attached to your deck instead of your buoyancy aid. Using the Webbing Belt or the Stick-On Dock, I can fix my sat phone or GPS to the deck within easy reaching distance. Too much attached to your buoyancy aid adds a lot of extra movement when paddling. Aquapac’s solution means I can still see the kit whilst having full freedom of movement. I did a full review on my website, The Expedition Journals.

That is great news. We are glad that you like it and look forward to seeing pictures of the DockSystem in action.

“Don’t worry, you will. My favourite Aquapac product – the Waterproof Phone Case – is even more versatile with the DockSystem. I use the phone cases more than anything else and they continue to impress me that they last so long; the most vital piece of kit that I have from the Aquapac range. Incorporating the new DockSystem on the Waterproof Phone Case is a fantastic addition. It can be positioned anywhere, in easy view without the risk of it flying out your pocket. Genius.

What are your plans for the future?

International travel restrictions have curbed a lot of my overseas adventure plans, so it is more getting out and about on my bike and kayak.

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Credit: Tim Wiggins

We hope you get plenty of use out of the DockSystem range. We look forward to hearing about your exploits, Tim.