Made in Britain – 80% of our products are handmade in the UK

Why Aquapac?

Have you ever had your phone, camera, wallet or anything else damaged by water when you thought it was safe in your pocket or bag?
Maybe you’ve even bought a waterproof case that simply wasn’t up to the job. In any case, you have come to the right place here at Aquapac.

Since 1983, we’ve specialised in bringing innovative forward thinking to the design of our bags and cases, ensuring that our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that Aquapac is keeping their belongings safe. When you choose an Aquapac product, you know that you’re getting a trusted and reliable solution to keep your gear safe and dry.

What makes Aquapac different?

What makes Aquapac different? We work with professionals in mind. For decades, we have been a globally trusted supplier of waterproofing solutions for search and rescue, emergency services, guides, instructors, and more. These professionals work with life saving gear that needs to be protected from the elements – and Aquapac is the name that delivers. That’s why we are constantly checking, testing and improving our products, making sure that we continue to produce waterproof cases and bags that don’t just meet but exceed expectations.

We bring this professional-grade quality to everything we do. If you cycle to work and are tired of your belongings becoming wet and damaged in your backpack, or if you enjoy water sports and want to start taking your phone out to capture your experiences, then why settle for anything less than the best? With Aquapac, you know that you’re getting a waterproof case that has been designed with professional use in mind.

From waterproof phone cases, camera cases, bags and more, Aquapac have been pioneers in the industry for over 30 years. Explore our range to find the waterproofing solution for you, or simply get in touch with us to find the best solution for your needs.

Who are we?

Our history stretches back to 1983, making Aquapac one of the industry’s longest running brands. we have become a globally trusted supplier of reliable, practical and high quality waterproof cases and bags in the period since then. Professionals around the world come to us when they want the very best on the market.

Handcrafting our products in London since 1983

In 1990, we got our hands on our very own London-based factory from which we began to expand our manufacturing and supply. Ever since then, we have been supplying thrillseekers and professionals alike with pioneering and industry-leading waterproof cases, handmade by our very own team here in London.

In our effort to keep your valuables waterproof and protected, we employ rigorous quality control that includes watertight checking and testing. Every senior member of our team has been with us for over ten years, giving us the experience and industry insight required to make the very best waterproof cases on the market and to continuously improve our products and push the industry forward.

Everything we make has been tested in our own pressure tanks to make sure that they perform to the right standards – meaning that when you choose Aquapac, you have the complete peace of mind of knowing that you’re getting a product that works the way it says.

We are globally trusted

Since we bought our factory in London in 1990, we have remained the UK’s leading supplier of waterproof cases – but we have also expanded our supply across the world. Building lasting relationships with customers from over 70 different countries, we have built a supply chain that consists of partners that we know and trust.

Our Values

We believe in making products that meet the highest standards possible, so that whether you’re out saving lives on the water and need to keep your radio working, or you’re thrill seeking and want to take some photos while doing your water sports, or you simply need waterproof backpacks or rucksacks for cycling when out and about, Aquapac has what you need.

But why are our products trusted by professionals and adventurers the world over? Well, it’s because everything we make stays true to our core values.

We believe in only giving our customers the very best

As an original name in offering professional waterproof and outdoor protection, Aquapac has spent nearly four decades doing our best to create waterproof products that allow you to get outside and enjoy what you do without having to worry about your valuables.

This takes an extreme commitment to quality, which is why, despite our heritage and reputation, we are never complacent with what we do and we are always striving to improve our waterproof backpacks, bags and cases. Our commitment is to giving you a product that is both functional and reliable, and that offers the best value for money on the market.

We are always looking forward

Aquapac has the proud history of being the original innovator in the waterproof market, becoming the industry’s first supplier of professional outdoor protection and waterproofing. But we don’t rest on our laurels – and if the last 30+ years has taught us anything, it’s to keep using our creativity and forward thinking to respond to our customers’ changing needs.

Our team has a clear focus on design, manufacturing waterproof pouches, bags and cases that offers simplicity, reliability and practicality. We have stayed ahead of the game, becoming the UK’s leading provider of waterproof phone cases for all sizes and models.

We work with our customers and partners

Aquapac wouldn’t have become the leading supplier of waterproof protection for professionals in the emergency and military services if we didn’t understand the unique challenges and requirements they face. In everything we do, we work with our customers to understand what they need and expect from us, which has allowed us to help keep you and your valuables safe in the outdoors, whether you’re planning on going overboard or simply taking a walk in the rain and mud.

We only work with other businesses that we trust, allowing us to have built long lasting partnerships with companies that share our values and allow us to spread what we do further afield.

We remain transparent and responsible

Aquapac began because we love being outdoors and we want to make it as easy and safe as possible for people to enjoy adventure and exploration. This means that we care deeply about the world around us, which is why we remain ethical and sustainable in everything that we do. Our team has a keen focus on making our waterproof gear as environmentally conscious and friendly as possible while never compromising on quality.

We are always aiming to reduce our carbon footprint year on year. Aquapac does this by using as many biodegradable and recycled components as we possibly can, ensuring that the world we love exploring stays as clean and healthy as possible.


Our Cases

We have always been concerned with protecting electronic devices from harsher weather. When Aquapac began in 1983, we designed a solution for keeping walkmans waterproof – if one thing has changed the most since then, it’s the revolution of mobile phones. With new models released each year, we have maintained a wide catalogue of waterproof phone cases to ensure that our customers have complete peace of mind, knowing that whatever their model their phone is, Aquapac has a waterproof solution to keep it safe.

Aquapac keeps waterproof phone cases for every model available – including various different sizes from small to large. Our huge collection of phone cases covers every size and shape of the newest smartphones. You trust us to deliver something that is high quality and functional, which is why you can use any of our phone cases to take calls, photos and videos through the waterproof material – meaning that you can keep using your phone while it is protected.

Our waterproof phone cases cater for a wide range of different budgets without ever compromising on quality. Want something you can wear on your arm while enjoying the outdoors? Want a case with a headphone jack so you can keep listening to your music while out on the water? Aquapac has you covered. Our waterproof phone pouches and cases cater for all needs and requirements. Made with welded seams and our signature AQUACLIP seal ensures that your device stays dry and functional. 

Built with professional use in mind, our phone cases are sturdy, reliable and high quality – the perfect solution for anyone who needs to get their phone safe during watersports, outdoor sports in harsh weather, travel and leisure.

The new Dock System allows you to carry your phone [or any other portable device] hands free in a variety of practical ways. Check out the dock system…there are belt, shoulder harness, bike attachments and more. Docks are used by Police and other Emergency services because they offer a very solid and robust connection which is easy and quick to detach when necessary.

Waterproof two-way radio cases

If your job requires you to work out in the elements, then you’re going to need a waterproof case that keeps your radio working and makes sure that you and everyone around you stay safe. Our waterproof radio cases have been designed with exactly this in mind.

Aquapac has been in the industry for a long time. In this time, we have come to be trusted around the world for providing search and rescue, military, and emergency services with waterproof radio cases that keep communications open during vital work. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself – if you want a product of the very highest quality with innovative design that prioritises protection and functionality, then look no further – Aquapac has what you need.

From walkie talkies to VHF and marine band, our wide range of waterproof radio cases covers everything you need. Even though some two-way radios are waterproof they don’t float and many suffer from corrosion to their printed circuit boards after prolonged exposure to the salty air. Aquapacs cases protect your radios from all of these factors and save you expensive repair bills and keep your radio working when you need it most Just browse our catalogue today to see what we have in stock.

Waterproof multi-purpose cases

Are you someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, traveling, and heading off for an adventure? Then you need a solution that you can take anytime and anywhere, keeping your valuables protected and dry.

Aquapac offer various collections of waterproof cases, designed for every season with endless practicality in mind. When you’re on the move, it’s not just your electronic devices that need to stay waterproof – you’re going to need to keep passports, maps, tickets, wallets, keys, and the rest of your kit dry too.

Available in nine different sizes, our range of multi-purpose cases are perfect for any eventuality. Whether you’re going boating, on a week-long hiking and camping trip or just spending a day out in the wilderness, these cases are flexible and practical, keeping your items and valuables waterproof and dry.

Our other waterproof cases

Want to keep snapping pictures of your adventures while out in the wild? Our waterproof camera cases allow you to do just that. In a range of different sizes, our range allows you to capture what you do – even if that means taking your camera underwater.

If you have an iPad, Kindle or other tablet that you need to keep dry and protected while out doing what you do, then look no further than Aquapac’s range of excellent waterproof tablet cases. These are perfect for professionals and adventurers alike, allowing you to access everything you need while keeping your tablet dry and safe.

If you love the outdoors like we do, then you probably know your way around a map – and you’ve probably suffered from wet and soggy maps becoming ruined in the rain. That’s why our waterproof map cases are so popular – you’ll never have to worry about losing your way due to a damaged map again with Aquapac.

Being outdoors means subjecting yourself to the elements and the hazards that they can bring. Keeping you and everyone around you safe is a huge priority. Aquapac’s range of waterproof medical drybags and cases have been designed with this in mind – and have been built for professional use.

Whether you are a professional who relies on maintaining communication no matter the weather or conditions, or you are someone who enjoys taking on more extreme water sports, if you use a radio microphone then you need to ensure that it stays functional – something our waterproof radio microphone cases are perfect for. These keep your electronics protected even when submerged, meaning that if someone goes overboard, they can still keep the communications that they need to get safe.

Aquapac also stocks a wide range of waterproof pouches, bags and cases for different adventures with our range of multi-purpose waterproof cases. From stash pouches and belt cases to waist packs, wallet cases and more, Aquapac has your needs covered.

We also stock a wide range of different waterproof accessories for you to customise while keeping your kit dry. If you need shoulder and backpack straps, a chest harness for your radio, carabiners, or puncture patches for different materials, we have you covered. Want to keep listening to your favourite music while enjoying the elements? Try our new waterproof headphones – perfect for keeping your music playing come rain or shine – they can even be used underwater.

Waterproof bags

Need waterproof rucksacks for cycling to work, or a pannier to keep your things dry and away from the mud and rain? Or are you looking for a waterproof backpack that you can take anywhere, perfect for enduring a hike through even the worst weather possible? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Aquapac, we stock a wide range of waterproof bags, backpacks, duffle bags and dry bags in order to ensure that you don’t need to worry about keeping your belongings safe from the weather when enjoying the outdoors. 

If you’re planning on going hiking or camping, or want to get out and enjoy water sports like paddling, windsurfing or kayaking and you want to make sure that you can keep your gear with you while keeping it dry, our wide range of waterproof bags come available in a variety of different sizes to ensure that you can enjoy a perfect travel and adventure experience.

How do I know what size case I need?

 You don’t want to end up with a waterproof case that doesn’t fit the device you want to protect, which is why knowing what size case you need is important. Fortunately, here at Aquapac, we have you covered.

There’s actually a big difference between our waterproof phone cases for different size models. Just visit our online size guide to find out which case will suit your phone or electronic device. Whether you have a specific iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, want to protect a Canon camera or another piece of kit, we have a case suitable for you.

Our guide covers all the major brands including Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google and more. The best part? If you’re still not sure about what you need, simply get in touch with us to speak to one of our experts who can help you out.

Get in touch with us today

Want to head out for an adventure but don’t want to subject your valuables to the elements? You couldn’t have come anywhere better. Just get in touch with Aquapac today to find out how our huge collection of industry-leading waterproof cases and bags can help to keep your things protected and dry.




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Our range of waterproof bags and cases

Since 1983, Aquapac has been designing industry-leading waterproof solutions that keep your valuables and devices protected against the elements. From cases for phones, camera and radios to bags and backpacks, we have everything available right here at Aquapac.

Whether you need a waterproof pouch that will keep your valuable devices protected in case you go overboard, need waterproof backpacks, dry bags, and duffels for travel and adventure, or need something specific for small portable devices, Aquapac’s enormous range of industry-leading products ensure that you have everything you need for the perfect travel and adventure experience – knowing that your items are dry and your belongings safe.